Friday, November 21, 2008


  • Why do some people forget Thanksgiving and have their trees up?
  • Why is my body giving out on me?
  • Why do I want it to snow so badly before Thanksgiving?
  • Why do I always stay up later than I should?
  • Why can't I sleep in, even when given the opportunity?
  • Why do people choose to be mean to others through snide little comments?
  • Why do I look forward to Christmas, even though it's a boatload of work?
  • Why are the Mormons being blamed so ferociously for Prop. 8?
  • Why does "retail therapy" totally work for me?
  • Why does tanning cream smell so yucky?
  • Why did I have wheat thins for lunch instead of something more filling?
  • Why do we have to practice piano today?
  • Why do I HAVE to eat mozzerella sticks, Weinharts, and Bill's onion dip for the BYU/utah game? (oh....never mind....yum)


Marrdy said...

Wow, deep questions. Makes you think. I too am wondering why people are so angry with Mormons..weren't other churches involved too??

Monika said...

Screw practicing piano! Take the day off! I won't tell your teacher.

brooke said...

Why does tan cream stink so bad and stain the sheets? I can't believe you can't sleep in...that is a blessing in disguise. Trust me.

youreprettytoo said...

Great list- but now I am thinking I am the reason you put "Why are people mean to each other by making snide little comments?" I tend to be sarcastic in the name of trying to be witty and clever- but I hope you didn't think I was serious! But knowing you- you didn't but I just wanted to make sure!

the Panlings said...

Why do I have these "Why" days a lot? Hmmm, Why don't I just take a break!! Why not? Great thinker, I may need to think a little more instead of drowning my thoughts with loud music!!!