Sunday, April 25, 2010

Friends, Matching PJ's, Beaches, Wedding Crashing, and PUKE!

Well, just back from a hilarious weekend with my college babes. It's been WAY too long since we've been together. Before I even get started, I just need to say that this is the first of 2 posts since I'm waiting on some more pics from my friends and waiting for my scanner to work.

My freshman year at BYU ( a mere 18 years ago), me and my friend/roommate Becky met 6 other girls on our first day. We all quite literally bonded in a day or so. For 2-4 years we all lived very close to each other in various forms. Our little group of 8 enjoyed all the fun and frustration of college and stayed close, though we haven't physically been together in a zillion years. Sadly, 2 of our group couldn't make it, so it was six of us and a baby girl (not mine....though I really missed her!) We met up on the beach in Monterey (deep down, I am a California native...I know I must be. That's a post for another day) and it was basically one gigantic conversation.
Sunset on the first night

My dear friends (except Stacey, who was snapping the pic)
Amy, Me (top), Becky (middle), Kjirsten, Kelly, and baby Sarah (bottom)
Stacey, Me, and Amy in matching Target jammies

We ate, shopped, walked the beach, drove the scenic drives, and laughed-laughed-laughed. They are the most wonderful friends because we have not missed a beat since college. No one has changed, and I mean in a good way. We have all been thrown unexpected twists and curves in our life such as autism, divorce, marital issues, heartbreak, stress, and even the death of a child amongst other things, but I feel like we are still the same people, just more experienced than our goofy days in the dorms when we were just new adults. We really didn't skip a beat with each other.

So here are my sweet friends:
Kelly: The most proper southern belle from Georgia now transplanted to Oregon. She was always the "mom" to us all, and now the mom to 5 sweet little girls under 8 years old. She creates a fairy-tale existence for her kids with warm milk before bed and cute matching outfits. Her family just took a Disney cruise and was just chosen as "Family of the Week". Not surprising. I love when she lets a "Damn" makes her human and we know our influence was good for her =-)

Kjirsten: Another cute southern girl from Texas who happened to marry Kelly's brother, Quinn (one of the reasons why I like that name). She is gorgeous, having modeled in the past, and has such a cute sense of humor. She lost a little girl, Elizabeth, to a heart problem a few years back and her story is sweet and inspiring. I love her to pieces and love being in her presence.

Amy: I always love bugging her about her Chicago accent (cl-e-ass and p-e-ackage) and was happy to hear that it was still there. Amy is quick-witted, honest, and has a great, goofy sense of humor. She has gone through a divorce and I am so impressed with her great, mature attitude about it and parenting her children with her ex. According to her daughter, she has great "angry eyes" as shown in a picture her daughter drew of her (at school) after a fight. Amy is hilarious.

Becky: I have known her the longest, as we were in drill team in high school, roommates at BYU, and now she teaches at my dance studio. You would think she is quiet, but she lets loose and is so funny. Becky is uber-smart and I was happy to see that she is leaning a TAD more liberal politically....not much, but enough for me. She speaks her well-educated mind well, and I wish I could do that better. Did I mention that I set her up with her husband? (I'm proud of my hook-up successes!)

Stacey: What can I say about Stacey, except that I love her for her access to her Grandpa's condo on the beach...just kidding, though it's a bonus. Stacey and I went to London for study abroad and had AMAZING experiences together. She is the typical California girl; blonde, loves warm-weather, and volleyball player for BYU. I love that Stacey broke her ankle NOT in a athletic practice but playing miniature golf. She is bold, sweet, and will throw down the cash for great clothes. I totally respect that.

Oh yeah.....I got major stomach flu in the car and filled an entire Gap bag with throw-up, and they think none the less of me. Good people, and I'm feeling better now, thank you.

I honestly pray that Emi and Macy will find a group like this one day. They are my examples, my source of laughter, and lifelong sisters. I love you girls!

P.S. We crashed a wedding on Pebble Beach Golf beautiful!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My life right now.....

I just finished teaching....I can't bear the thought of walking upstairs to be a mom again. I really don't have time for blog entries right now. Nor do I have time for personal hygiene (you should see my toenails), eating right (instead of eating the leftover Easter candy), TV (like 50 shows on my Tivo), and other various and sundry things (my husband would probably tell you what). This is my crunch time. CRUNCH! I'm over-whelmed, under-staffed, and apparently have 1 too many children (sorry Macy). I've basically taught Macy to hold a bottle for herself if I position the blanket right. She's beginning to teeth. Great timing.

Calgone...take me away!