Friday, November 1, 2013

We made it....

So, Bill was released from serving as first counselor in our bishopric on Sunday. He had served for nearly 6 years, not that I counted. In many ways, I'm very happy to have him back on the home front. I might get to bed before 1:00 a.m., I might get to church on time, and I might regain a little sanity. However, that little spirituality cushion I felt we had because of Bill's service is kind of gone. I've always said that as soon as Bill was released, family scripture study would be more consistent and we'd get to the temple more because we'd finally have time. So I guess it's time to prove it. Let's see if getting him out of the spiritual calling will make us more spiritual.



The Stake President had us all in last week to release the bishopric, and they mentioned to us to write down the impressions we get as we look back at the past 6 years. I've actually really recalled a lot of thoughts I've had during our time. I'm not going to post all of them, but I feel they are important.

1- Anytime someone said,  "and bless the bishopric and their families" during a prayer, I always noticed. It meant the world to me. It often would bring me to quick, quiet tears because I knew that we were supported by most in the ward. People looked out for me. It helped me feel loved on those long Sundays without a partner at home.

2- This calling for Bill was truly meant to be. He was destined to spend the last 6 years with these men doing what they do. They were amazing. I'm not even bragging. They just were. I believe these men put in more hours than most bishoprics. They are the closest of friends and worked together like nothing I've ever seen. Their desire to serve the ward and love the ward was so evident to all.

3 day old Macy.....well, Bill and I must have had some time while he was in the bishopric. Macy is a bishopric baby. 

3- There were blessings. I guess I always thought when people said that about callings, it was what you said to make people feel better about big callings. But there were blessings. Never immediate and not always the blessings we thought they'd be, but looking back, it's so evident. I have to say in a few situations, it didn't always make situations easier, but I know there were blessings because we got through it. From things like finding a solution to a 1 year old Quinn's major sleeping issues (Li-Li) to finding the right therapy group for Parker to Bill changing jobs twice after 2 bouts of unemployment to bigger and better jobs. We were so very blessed. Not by easiness, but by making it possible.

4- It was beautiful. And it was difficult. My appreciation for single moms was heightened by the many, many hours that I was raising my kids alone, all while running a business. I felt the extreme of emotions. I felt really powerful moments that were a result of Bill's sacrifice and the depths of aloneness and depression when I felt like I couldn't take another minute of dealing with the challenges in our home. It's been an extreme time, which is an understatement.

5- Bill RARELY complained. He loves to serve people and truly has charity for all he meets. I wish I was more like that. I'm super in love with a man that has this desire to be good and serve the Lord.

6-The Lord always found a way. When we were called, our Stake President asked us to really consider if we could manage it with the situation with our children. I was sure we should say no as we left, but later felt we needed the blessings. So we said yes. And then, it all of a sudden felt frantically scary. but the Lord always found a way to get us through.

7- No bishopric in the church had more fun than these guys. They once convinced a new executive secretary that it was tradition to go in costume to our annual Christmas party. Their commitment to this lie was impressive. He came busting into the house telling me I had to change my outfit into an "elf ensemble". It was pretty funny. They also prided themselves in extreme "scare-ing"  while closing up the church after their late night meetings in the church. Many of their meetings started at In-n-Out.  And of course, there was Trunk or Treat. Why the Stake President didn't release them after the KISS costume, I'll never know. And.....Deep Doctrine. Can't exactly explain that one, but it did become the name of our boat we share with the bishop.

80's style for chaperoning dance....


3 Amigos....there was even a little dance=-)

Blue Man

The Soggy Bottom Boys

And of course, Duck Dynasty                                                                                                                                                                


8- This part of "The Incredibles" always played in my head when Bill would show up in his suit to head out to somewhere unexpectedly.
They were pretty super....

Really, my feelings are mixed after such an experience. I wouldn't change the last few years, but I am so happy to be reunited in a way with Bill. I'm grateful to be married to such a good man. 

...and to have had 2 other woman who shared in the fun.