Sunday, October 23, 2011

Girls trip....the sequel!

I am lucky enough to have an amazing group of college buddies. There's just something about living together that bonds you all for life. 6 of us hung in Monterey last year and had an amazing time. A few weeks ago, 5 of the 8 were able to come this year (darned life....get's in the way) and came to the mountains above Park City in a fun cabin with a STUNNING view.
Don't I deserve this? I have been on major mom duty this year and finally get a break, but of course, it couldn't be easy. Bill gets jury duty on the day I'm supposed to leave....and he gets called in......and gets selected.......and is in court all day.......and deliberates into the night when I am supposed to be up in the mountains with his car (and without his kids). They took his cell phone, so I had no idea of when he would get home. It's frustrating, but even MORE frustrating when you can't blame him. It's like a law or something.

Long story short.....he does get home, I nearly kill 3 deer looking for the cabin in the dark, get a little lost, and the guy was guilty.

But I made it! With girlfriends ready to talk, artichoke pizza waiting, and 7 kinds of fudge for dessert. So wonderful to talk with my darling friends and catch up on every detail. They are so fun, wise, and real. We talked all night, shopped Main Street, toured the Olympic museum, did some serious damage at the outlets, ate great mexican, and again talked all night. The next day, I got to be a tourist in my own town. I take a lot of the sites for granted, so it was fun to have a refresher on some of the downtown fun. Again (I'm losing is getting shorter), super conversation, great food/gelato, and no kids.
So there you go....brief post about a fabulous weekend. These ladies are the models of motherhood, wifehood, and friendhood. Thanks Stacey, Becky, Kelly, and Kari for everything. You gave me a great break. Amy, Kjirsten, and Lindsey.....see you all next time!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Parker...11 years of fun!


Parker turned 11 on Friday. Blowing my mind a little bit. I really stop and look at him sometimes and freak out with how old he looks. 5 days before his birthday, he reminded me that it is 5 years and 5 days until he can drive. Truly, my biggest fear as a mom. That is painfully close.

What I'm loving about Parker right now:

1- The strangeness: I walked into his room a few weeks ago, and he had duct taped himself to a chair. We just kind of stared at each other, and I walked right back out of the room. His antics are somewhat tiring to me, yet always unique. I have to give him that. He escaped, which is what he was trying to prove to himself.

2- His artistic ability: The boy can play a piano. It's beautiful. Most of the credit goes to his amazing teacher, Monika, but he really has a gift. He is loving art class as well right now and always comes home with something that blows my mind. And ACTING (must be said in Jon Lovitz voice). He takes his memorized poems for school to a new level.
3- The honesty: His original idea for a Halloween costume was to be a Wii remote. I actually said that I could make him one. His response? "Seriously, couldn't even cut out a moon for your recital". True. I had to call for help on that. He puts me in my place. There is a famous story in our ward from a year ago. They had a primary activity where they were learning first aid. I guess it went a little long and he let out a huge "boring". I have very understanding neighbors.

4- Quest for knowledge: One of his favorite things to do is look up famous (and not-so-famous) places on the map quest on his iTouch. He then explores the neighborhoods and how to get there. He remembers everything he reads. Parker is a factoid king. It's all very interesting.

5- Sweet: If I'm upset, crying, or sad, he is the first to come say it will be alright. This is a VERY learned thing for Parker. It's not a natural response for one with asperger's. So #1-I feel better that he has learned to do it and #2- I feel confident that I may have been the one to teach him this.

6- And cute as can be. Seriously. He's a good looking kid. Feel free to agree with me.


Bill took Parker and 2 friends to Lagoon Frightmares on his birthday to celebrate. May I just say easiest party ever? And actually quite cost effective. They had a ball. So 4 birthdays down, 2 to go. Yes, I had a birthday in there. Not a big fan of Steve Jobs dying on my day, but I'm sure he wasn't thrilled with it either. It's a good thing my new iPhone 4S will come soon and then I'll forgive him.

Love you Parker!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's my motivation?

This might be short and not very sweet. I've reached a new level of busy in my life. A complete frantic run from one thing to the next. The thought of another week is making me short of breath. The worst part motivation. Which is so not the case this week. I have a wonderful motivation to make it to Thursday this week (details later), but getting to that point might kill me off. 2011 has been a new level of hard for me. I have a very loving, yet absent a lot, husband. When I look back to this year, it will truly be a "wow...I got through it" type of memory. It's part of life. It's my season of life. Every dog will have her day.

I really need to do you all get motivated to get through homework, housework, diapers, laundry, and all the other things we women have in our lives? I really need your comments on this.

Thanks and I will be brighter and happier tomorrow. I promise.