Sunday, November 28, 2010

A whole lot of holiday

There will be no pics....I'll get to that when I can breathe. That point is not now.

Highlights of my recent life:
-Macy is walking. Her hands are outstretched. It's too adorable for words
-Great Thanksgiving at my sister's house in Cache Valley. Super food, plus she is so relaxed as she gets it on the table. A trait that neither me or my mother possess. Parker and Bill enjoyed hot-tubbing in 5 degree weather.
-"Tangled" with the kids. I chased my little blonde princess around the theater, but enjoyed it nonetheless.
- Rockettes Christmas Show. We saw it 3 years ago in NY, but I'm glad my kids could see it again now that they are older. It loses a bit of charm being in the Maverick Center (no 3D beginning and no live animals in Nativity), but fun still the same. I should have been a Rockette. I just need to grow 3 more inches.
- Santa! He always comes to a boutique by my house the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and he is super. Plus there was real snow in the pics. Did you know that he also drives a Chevy van? These are interesting facts you learn when you show up early. Macy cried, but every one of my kids has their year.
- A week off work....enough said!

-The fizzled "Storm of the Decade". When the weatherman gears you up for a big snow, and then it dies, it's disappointing.
-The cold. Ooooooh, so cold.
-The fact that my husband has passed out upstairs instead of dragging my tree up.
-The looming to-do list at my finger tips fingers are too cold to type. Goodnight.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful Trees....and my self-esteem is shot to heck!

I ran out to take this picture very quickly yesterday. They are my favorite, favorite trees in our back yard. However, the middle one tends to drop its leaves in the space of one day. Yesterday was that day. You can hear them fall. I think I waited one day too long, darn it!

Which lead to this.....which lead to the trail of leaves all over my house.

I've been having a love affair with the fall trees this year. I love, love, love fall! So, as I was driving into the entrance of our neighborhood looking at the gorgeous trees, I was preaching to the kids about how lucky we are to live in such a stunning neighborhood. They decided it was great because their best friends live in the neighborhood. They also mentioned we have a piano teacher, their hair-cutter, an art teacher, and all the many talented people in our midst. Then Parker pipes up that this neighborhood also has the best mom. As I was tearing up and saying "awwww, your so nice", he continues on to say that the mom he was talking about is the "super mom" down the street who always does wonderful everything. Granted, I agree. She is kind of a legend in our eyes, and so nice to boot, but it did completely put me in my place. Oh well. I guess second place isn't bad.