Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm alive...I promise

Seriously...can't keep up with the blog. Too much holiday "fun" to take care of the last few weeks. Don't leave me! I'll find something interesting to say soon (I know....why start now). All is well, just exhaustingly busy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rundown of my day

breathe in.....sigh.

This was today.

Wake up, shower, make breakfast, take a phone call, yell at kids to get dressed faster, bathe Macy, nurse Macy, dress Quinn, clean house, vacuum house, mop floors, go to the store, find out road is closed that takes me to store, reconnect with old friend at store (she looks amazing, I look like hell), drop some stuff off at Monika's (1st trip to her house), put away groceries, change load of laundry, nurse, feed Quinn lunch, convince him to nap, write paychecks to my teachers, type note for my students, put away towels, try to come up with ideas for Emi's birthday party, get mail, give bottle to Macy while waiting for carpool, pick up carpool, take kids to Dr. so that Parker can finally get the Swine flu mist (Thimerisol-free), work on homework with kids, start dinner, talk with Anne about spray paint on a new Christmas wreath, drive Emi to piano (2nd trip to Monika's), come home and make milkshakes for "milkshake Mondays", pick up Emi and drop off Parker (3rd trip to Monika's), get dinner on table, pick up Parker from piano (4th trip to Monika's), convince my kids to eat dinner, promise UNO game for FHE if they bathe quickly, discover an unfinished "Mike and the Motorcycle" project that is due for Parker tomorrow, play UNO, send a grumpy Emi and Quinn to bed, stay up an extra hour with Parker to finish the project, get him to bed, clean up kitchen, try to make lesson plans for classes tomorrow, throw in a load of laundry, write this blog. Phew!
I still have to unload dishwasher and write e-mail to Parker's teacher as to why his project is crap.

Bill is still at work.....


Monday, November 9, 2009

Just photos....

There will just be photos posted tonight. In years to come, I would rather look back and see these cute faces than read about how awful they have been the last few days. Selective memory.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Halloween Routine

Ahh...Halloween. It sucks the life out of you. Fun, but oh so much work. Here's the rundown of October in our house:
We start by picking out pumpkins at Grandpa's garden. Even though he was out of commission past August, he still managed to get some great pumpkins and gourds. Then we decorate the house!
We must dress up for every class or is Quinn at his Kindermusik party. He is Li-Li the lion.
Of course, I make my dance classes dress up as well. It leaves an interesting array of glitter and pom-pom shreds on my floor.
There are the school class is Parker at his. He is Luke Skywalker. I had a whole carpool full of Jedi Knights. Emi and I felt really safe driving to school.
And then we of those is the Death Star if you look closely. The puking pumpkin is a family favorite.
We decided to get creative with our plethora of gourds.
Our ward had a trunk-or-treat, so Bill and his Bishopric brothers went as KISS. I tell you, it's kind of confusing to see your Bishop in your bathroom putting on lipstick. This could warp me for years.
Does it get any hotter than this?
Cute kids!
I went as the Swine Flu, but my nose broke and I had to stick it on my face with electrical tape I found in Bill's car.
As if we hadn't done enough trick or treating, we had to go out at Halloween night as well. Here's Emi with Jade.
After the sugar rush of 3 trick or treat sessions (I totally recycled candy as to get some of it out of my house), we were all tired......
....and ready for sleep!
Alright, Thanksgiving...bring it on!