Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer picture dump....the Summer of 2013

I've had about a million posts in my brain this summer, but blogging didn't quite make the priority list. It's weird how 4 kids at home all day can suck away your time. 

So, minus the trip to California, here is a little snapshot of a summer with us. 

Me lying down....I took this because it only happened once. I had just received 2 cortisone shots in my hips and was given about 1 hour to recover at home. I'd go through the shots all again to lie down for another hour. 
 Lunch with some of my college girls. I had just returned from Monterrey with Becky and Stacey, but was lucky enough to meet up with some of the rest of our group in Park City. Love these ladies, and like I always say, so good to talk with people who knew you before you lobotomized by motherhood. 

 It rained a good amount.......

 Teen Beach Movie=happy girls

 The big old smelly farm. It had rained so much the night before, which seemed to kick up the manure smell. am I even related to my farm-loving sister?

 Using our Thanksgiving Pointe passes to the fullest, we attended the extremely overrated Jello fight. It looks like we are having fun....we are not. The sensory issues of the jello stickiness were just too much for certain kids, as well as myself. 

Backpacking for Parker...... 
 Dancing in top hats for Quinn and buddy Derek.

 Badminton at the "cabin" 
 My aunt throws a great party for all of us every summer on her amazing estate known as the "cabin" in Holladay. I love this place because of all the great memories of spending time there. 
 Yeah, it's pretty sweet.

 Cecret Lake hike.....I'm so making this a yearly thing. Too fun.

 Boating! We own a boat now, which has been quite the learning experience. We took it out a total of 5 times, and hope to get it out a few more times. Super fun, and I'm thrilled we did it. 
Partying on the boat with the Hoppers. I'm so glad I've been able to waterski consistently again. Emi was the only one to get up on skis, but the tube is a blast for all the kids. 

 Frontrunner ride.......I always get a train headache.
 Lagoon.....yeehaw! I rode Wicked 3 times and didn't get motion sickness. Always a plus. 

 Extended Newman family party.

Macy was thrilled that one of her besties has her same swimsuit!

 Cowabunga Bay with good friends at a private function. We wouldn't let the wind and rain ruin our fun  (what you'll do for $5 tickets)
 We managed 4 trips to 7 peaks with our Pass of All Passes. I guess that is a good deal. Yep, that's my kid who is all geeked out in this pic. 
 Lunching outside 7 peaks, as they don't let food in.

 Our dear friend got access to a bubble machine.........

 so fun.....


I laid down a new floor in the dance studio.....such a pain, but it's so heavenly to dance on.

 Bill and I had an End of Summer bash at the Dave Matthew's Band for his birthday. It was nice of Dave to show up for Bill on his special day.

He's really not picking his nose.

And, a lot of trips to Harmons for snacks.