Sunday, April 21, 2013

Put a fork in me....I'm done.

Last week started nice. If my blog was always a happy, easy-going blog, it would end there. But that just isn't real. And I'm pretty real.

Just a few of the hits this week:
 *Work issues (I won't elaborate as my work people can connect to this blog). All I will say is....really?

* I did great working out....on Monday. The rest of the week went to pot, as well as my eating. I'm such a stress eater. And then I feel yucky.

* I was standing in the Wal-Mart checkout line the other day scrolling through Facebook when an alert pops up that says "Bombing at the Boston Marathon finish line". My sister Joyce was in process of running it at the time. I'd received some texts as to her times and did some quick calculating on my phone to realize she (and her husband) were likely at the end. Panic. I tried texting and calling people as fast as I can. The poor Wal-Mart checker thought I was so rude. After 10-15 minutes, found out that she was about 1/2 mile away and 6 minutes off her time. Phew. I felt really bad that she didn't get to finish, but REALLY glad she's safe.

*I managed to tick off Boy Scout leaders.

* I have managed to be SO far behind on my upcoming recital, and the panic set in this week that I'm a month away. Things are so busy with my kids and their needs that all that gets pushed to 10:00 p.m.   That just isn't working right now. Anxiety. I don't wear it well.

* I the only one who hates cooking? I really do. Maybe it's because I have super skinny, picky kids who eat like birds, maybe I hate the time suck on something so fleeting, maybe because I have no skill at it. I don't know. I feel uninspired and uncreative in this area, but still feel extreme pressure to do it. Ask Bill about the rant I just gave while lying on the floor of my kitchen with a cookbook on my head.

*My dad had surgery Wednesday. All went fairly well for him. But Friday, he started being a bit confused and hazy about things. In fear of another stroke, my mom and I got him to the hospital. Luckily no stroke, but pneumonia. That is what was making him loopy and he likely picked it up at the hospital. Nice. It's hard to watch your dad make very little sense. It's harder to watch your mom watch your dad make very little sense. He's doing a bit better, but is still struggling with hallucinations and reality.

*Saturday left me weary. It's the only word I can use. I plugged through all that was on my plate, but was just looking forward to "vegging-out" that night and recharging. But lo and behold, Macy decided to pull our her asthma issues for us. Poor little thing. She has a problem when she gets a little cough or cold because it turns into a big breathing issues. Luckily, we own the breathing treatment machines and have the steroids to treat at home, but she HATES it. Here she is wearing the "duckie". Poor little girl.

*Having no time in the last week, I taught a crappy Sunday School lesson to the greatest class ever. I think the world of my sweet class and feel bad they have to deal with my harried, confusing lessons. At least every other week they get "Karen, the Amazing". (Thanks Karen for saving my can today).

Reset....New week. Hopefully, it will be better. Sorry, I hate to complain, but I really just let it needed to let it out. =-)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break in exotic Draper!'s been a few weeks since I posted. I'm getting more and more lazy about blogging, though I really enjoy it when I sit myself down and just do it.

Spring Break: 
As Bill has been traveling a TON lately, we opted to "Staycation" this year. It was kind of a hard sell for the kids as they had such a blast in Arizona last year for spring break, but truly, we were beat and couldn't imagine gearing up for a big trip. So, as you saw in my last post, I was all about crossing a million things off my list. I didn't do all that bad with that, but of course, the kids had other ideas about what we should do. So the first day, I rolled over to the aquarium with our season passes and strolled around. I don't remember being so fish crazy when I was a kid, but my kids certainly are. Then off to use my carwash pass that Bill got me for Christmas (we are true romantics), but the kids were OK because that involves free popcorn. I think I had built up Quinn's "staycation" expectations too high as he cried after the aquarium because we weren't going to the zoo next. We did swim that night at Dimple Dell. Macy is a total fish.

Tuesday: I got to go to the symphony with Quinn's Kindermusik class. We took Trax. I swear, without fail, to sit by the smelliest people on that train. It's a gift.

Wednesday: ZOO! Bill took a really long lunch and came with us. So fun, and the polar bear was in performance mode. They are building a big african savannah area for giraffes, zebras, and LIONS! Quinn is over the moon that lions are coming to the zoo. I'm glad this zoo updates. It used to be so ghetto. Then, I dropped off the kids for a sleepover (hallelujah) with grandma and grandpa. Bill and I lived it up by going to Chinese and then he went to Bishopric meeting for 3 hours. Yeehaw!

Thursday: I picked them up Thursday and the weather was so good that we opted to hang out at Canyon Rim park. I've always loved that park, and I think it's fun to let my kids play where I did oh so many years ago.

The rest of the week involved egg dying, egg hunts, movies, and dinner at Grandma's.

About to hunt and Grandma's house. Macy seems oblivious to my Uncle Burns reaching out for her.

So, it was what it was, and it was actually quite great. I nice little calm before the storm of April and May. Can't wait.