Monday, October 15, 2012


I think I avoid blogging sometimes because the best blogs have oodles of pictures and I don't always feel like uploading pics. Or taking the pictures for that matter. pics tonight.

I've got a ton going on the next few days and lots to plan for and get ready for, but I  have to stop for 10 seconds and write down about a beautiful day for Parker yesterday. My little boy turned 12 yesterday and I cannot believe how much that freaks me out. He received the priesthood and it was one of the most tender experiences of my life. I've been feeling so much anxiety about this, given his situation. I about lost it on Saturday night because of the worry I felt for him and this big responsibility in his life. Most of you know how much time and energy we give to him to help him navigate a world that doesn't always make sense to him. But Sunday, there was a shining moment that made it worth it. I was really going to keep it together, and then Parker walked out in his new "deacon" suit and I lost it.

Bill gave him a beautiful blessing and ordained him and we were all very emotional, including Parker. He really gets it and feels the Spirit so easily. I wish I was like that. Bill had spent a lot of time helping him know how to pass the sacrament, and he breezed through it with the biggest smile on his face.

But then, testimony meeting started. Parker stood up first thing. Given his inability to filter his thoughts at time, my anxiety level soared. But you'd never believe how sweet and simple his testimony was. He opened with, "it's been an incredible journey so far". It has been an incredible journey! I'm lucky he's mine. I learn a lot from him and have really tried to do my best to understand the way he sees the world which is so (almost painfully) different than how I see the world.

He even did fast offerings, so he got a full day of priesthood fun for his b-day. I'm grateful to all those who could spend the day with us. We love you all.
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