Sunday, August 29, 2010

On to July!

Another summer recap post....I hope you all continue to check in on me!

Other than just relaxing....
we spent 10 glorious (but chilly) days in Coronado...
Bill and I got to spend an evening at Heber Valley girl's camp.
Checked out our new local hot spot (love it!)
Parker did his first big kid puzzle!
Visited Kennicott Copper did the rest of Utah.
Partied it up with good friends....
Ventured to Lagoon...beat major rainstorm.

Held tea parties for little siblings.....
Emi taught music to her cousins.....
...and Parker and cousin Josh imitated Ron Burgandy ("stay classy, Salt Lake City")

Tubed and skiied with Aunt Joyce...check Quinn out... NO FEAR!

Be cool, Quinn....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A recap of June! (a few months late)

As I close the book on another summer, I realize I have been a bad blogger/journal keeper. So I will attempt to recap my summer, though it will take 3 separate posts:
This is the Place

Swim lessons....I managed to have 3 kids in 3 separate swim 3 different pools. Not too bright on my part.

We shared germs with our friends....

We dressed up for Father's Day at church (guess which one is Bill)
We hung with old neighbors....totally miss the Hopkins! Please move back!

We set up "Princess Corner" in the dance studio
We rode a variety of horses.....
And loved hanging with the Homeless Hopper Family!
We attended amazing ladybug birthday parties....(and mom felt completely inadequate as a mom and party giver). This mom is incredible!
And Bill got to do his best Ty Pennington impression after working on our ward's Youth Conference Extreme Home Makeover (and he got a lot of new coverage....Big Buddah liked him)

...and basically, everything was a mess in the house.
Tune in later this week for JULY!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I really love her, but..........

I am fully confident in the beauty of my daughter....she has stunning blue eyes, sweet little giggles, the most wonderfully chubby legs, and I practically melt when I put her in her crib and she grabs and squishes her little piggy stuffed animal.


things aren't pretty with her right now at all!
My cousin, Brooke, blogged about her baby entering the ugly phase ( if you aren't reading her blog, you is on the side bar. She is hilarious!). It made me realize that my little princess is in a real diva stage right now. She's like a little wild animal that I must tame somehow.
1. She has a cold and has the yuckiest nose on the planet.
2. She has claws....I can't get her still enough to cut her nails, and she pinches me all over my arms all day. My arms look like I'm shooting up. She has scratches all over her face because of it.
3. She pulls on one spot of her hair. I'm sure that is leading to a great bald spot. She won't keep on any headband or bow.
4. She army-crawls instead of normal crawling (see video below). Because of this, all her cute, light colored summer outfits are gray by the end of the day (I need to get my carpets cleaned!)
5. She shrieks like a howler monkey in a blender.
6. Big no to cuddling.
7. If she doesn't like the binkie you give her, she happily chucks it across the room. She actually has a "wicked 12-foot arc" (if you were in my immediate family, you would be laughing about that).
8. She drools all over while drinking a bottle, then immediately pushes it away the second she thinks she is done. Very diva-like.
9. She has not slept all that well lately......nor have we.
10. I'm constantly cleaning up a trail of puffies and cheerios, and she loves to throw those, too!

(I can't get this pic rotated, but you get the idea. She looks so happy)

We strapped her in the swing in desperation to get her to sleep. I guess this isn't our safest option anymore.
A friend at church took this of Macy at church on his iPhone.....I'm not sure if you can get it to play, but she does make everyone laugh with her army crawl. Please ignore him saying in the background that I have no idea where she is....I did too know.

Anyways.....I love her. She is everything to me, but these rough patches have got to go. She will be wonderful again soon. Love you, Macy!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How can I feel this way?

I don't understand it. I had 4 very long, hot, tough pregnancies. About this time last year, I was in dire condition. Words can't even describe how hard the end of Macy's pregnancy was. I ripped muscles, I swelled way up, I felt sea-sick for 3 solid months.....basically, my body just told me DONE! I danced through the pain at the end, but it was so ugly. My blood pressure was a constant concern, and I spent a good 2 weeks strapping myself into the blood pressure machine at Harmon's, on alert to go into labor at any time. My dad had a stroke one month before my due date, and it was an ugly, ugly, painful, emotional, stressful, fat time. My mom couldn't be around if I went into labor (because of my dad), so I spent every night that month having everything totally ready for my kids to get to school with instructions to keep the routine (for Parker's sake) just in case a neighbor had to come in the middle of the night. That last month was awful in many ways.

Yet....I find myself longing for that month?#$@ I don't get it. I have a lot of prego friends and my cousin is actually going to have her baby any second.....I am sooooo jealous! That is not me. I love the hospital, the excitement of seeing your new baby for the first time, the preciousness of it all. Macy was born in the middle of the night, and it was the quietest (fastest...2 hours) and sweetest night of my life. I felt like it was just me and her in a quiet little world. I love the flutter of baby kicks. I love these moments, but I'm realistic enough to know what it takes to get there. I'm so happy with 4, and 5 would kill me! I know this, but we woman are wired to keep the maternal feelings forever. It sucks.

So, I'm 36. I know I will never go through the hell of pregnancy again. But tonight, for some reason, I am sad about that. Maybe because Macy let me snuggle her to sleep tonight, something she rarely does these days as she is always on the move. I need to savor every moment of this baby.

On a way different note, took Emi to see "Ramona and Beezus". Absolutely loved it. I loved all the books growing up and have loved watching Emi read them. I thought they did a great job of making it sweet and fun, just like the books. So cute!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I seriously have nothing to say today, but here I am.

Last week was awesome! Lagoon, boating with my sister, children's museum with my sis-in-law's kids and a wonderful nap last Sunday that I'm still reliving. July has a bit of sparkle and flare to it.

And then there is August. I kind of hate August. Summer has lost it's flavor. I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe (school and work and the general rat race) to drop. I really hate intense heat. My flower pots have almost always burned up at this point. I realized how much I haven't accomplished on my to do list. I have to spend a good hour in Wal-Mart searching out the extremely specific school supplies my kid's school requires. I'm in search of a pink camouflage backpack and have yet to find one. My cat sheds a lot in the summer. I have to go running early enough in the morning before it's crazy hot. At some point, I have to lug a summer's worth of toys out of the dance studio so I can teach again. Heavy sigh.

I don't like posts that are all Debbie Downers, so here are it's good points: fresh tomatoes and corn.

That's about it....

I would eat that every dinner in August, but my kids would start complaining. I'm having dinner brain blocks lately.....PLEASE SHARE GOOD EASY IDEAS for dinners. I'm tapped out.

Happy August to you all!