Sunday, January 27, 2013

I read a book....oh, and went to a wedding.

So....I read a book. 2 days time. I didn't start it and put it in my endless pile of unread books. I finished a book. This is monumental right now given my life. It's been quite  awhile since I've finished a catalogue or magazine, let alone a novel. It was "Summer at Tiffany's", a fun little read about 1940's New York, but that isn't even what is important. I finished a book that I wanted to read. Good for me.

How did I accomplish this task? Well, I had to fly to San Diego for 2 1/2 days to do it. The reason? My sweet niece decided to blow this inversion and get married in the sunny San Diego temple, with a ring ceremony following on a La Jolla beach. I must say, I was crazy skeptical about weather. I was sure it would be windy and gray. No, no....we are talking 80 degrees. Blue sky. Barefoot. She lucked out, since the weekends on either ends weren't super.
Keith and Lori

The sealing was sweet and you've never seen a happier bride. So smiley and fun. Big bonus that she married a sweet guy. Then off to Windansea Beach for the ring ceremony. There were surfers there! Bikinis! Don't these people know it's January and we are supposed to be in 10 layers of clothes? Anyway, as you can see, beautiful and picture perfect. was great. It was just me as Bill stayed home with the kids. I bunked with my parents, which is probably why I got to read an entire book. They are not much on the late night partying. But really, when do I get to throw on PJ's at 6:30 p.m. and cuddle into bed with a book? Really, never. I found this heavenly. Usually by the time I get into bed with a book, I'm trashed and asleep in seconds. My parents and brother/sis in law flew home the very next day after the wedding (which, given the weather, my mom TOTALLY regretted), but I opted to stay one extra day.

Best Day EVER!

Why? I strolled over to Horton Plaza and shopped for jeans. Shopping for jeans is not a quick task, especially with little ones, so I Carpe Diem-ed the day to do this. After that was accomplished, I enjoyed their sweet deals on sweaters and winter coats. I got a fun white puffy coat for $14, amongst other deals.

Next, off to Coronado. I've always said I could survive January and February in Utah if I could just get a quick weekend on the beach in January. Well, I was blessed enough to have this happen, and I have to say, I relished in every moment. I strolled through the del, walked up and down the beach (I should have ditched the shopping bags first, but too bad), I wandered through my favorite little shops, ate at La Salsa, and sucked down a Moo Town shake while sitting on the grass reading my book. The only problem was the guilt I felt that Bill was home in 10 degree weather with the kids and not with me. I got over it.

Then home to the hotel (not on Coronado). I sat in bed and watched Downton Abbey in real time with a Diet Coke. It is so rare that I get a day alone to be with my thoughts, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Every women should get a day alone once in awhile so she can hear herself think. Just encourage a relative to marry in San Diego.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2nd half of December pics

So....finishing off the month.

So, so fun.
My brother Mark's family came in town this year for Christmas. Best cousins reunited! On the Trolley at Thanksgiving Point.

We ( made these Santas for the kids friends instead of my rootbeer reindeer. The reindeer were more kid friendly than these. I burned my hands with the hot glue gun several times. 
Meet Dixie....our new boar head. The annual White Elephant Extravaganza did not disappoint. I can't even describe the smell of this thing. 

Newman family party at my house. Ca-razy!
Letters to Santa. On Christmas Eve. Santa works fast, especially when a new item shows up on the list.
I wish you could see her sweater better. I've had this Christmas sweater for, well, since they were cool. My mom got it before I was even married. I've crammed a girl into this about every year since, but I think this is the end. It won't fit her next year =-(
Those darned lights on my tree. It think it's the trees last year, too. 

Pepper Candy-lips left us some great goodbye photos on the iPad. As if he wasn't creepy enough.

Macy asked for a pink puppy. Love the simple, non-electronic requests.

Quinn was loving his new lava lamp.

This totally is the perfect pic of Emi right now....listening to One Direction while playing dolls. So Tween-like.

Thank you, KSL classifieds for finding this one!

Merry Christmas!