Sunday, November 9, 2008

Congrats to a few....

Parker and David (the pic is on Bill's phone, I'll post it soon) competed in the piano Duet Federation Festival yesterday. They worked SO hard on "Monster Play" and "Moonlight Stillness" and received Superiors. They worked together really well and I'm so proud of their accomplishment. It wasn't easy....thanks, Monika, for working their tails off.

And now a HUGE congrats to Julie and Dave with their beautiful, new, healthy triplets. Wow, a family of 9! So much more than what you bargained for, but they will enjoy your family so much. I can't wait to see them.

And.....congrats to my brother, Mark. He was put in as Bishop last week in his ward in New York. However, being your sister, I must let it be known the reasons you shouldn't be bishop:

1-Mark and I once stole a Taco Bell bell and replaced it with a roll of toilet paper.

2-He didn't get married until he was 28. A definite menace to society.

3-He once poured rootbeer on his applejacks just to bug me, though he admitted it was gross. He just wanted to make me mad.

4-He took my bed outside while I was at ballet. Hoodlum!

5-He threw a party when my parents were out of town. wasn't too crazy. The prophet's grandson attended (that's pretty much the norm in Utah).

6-He re-nigged on a bet with his best friend that he would name his children "Scripto" and "Colgate".

7-He toyed with the emotions of Mr. Knight, his 9th grade geography teacher. Seriously, he messed with the poor much that Mr. Knight had it out for me when I came into his class.

8-He once paraded down Broadway in a Kool-aid man costume.....all in the name of his job. PR?!? Oh yeah, he got kissed by famous mall-rat Tiffany and hung out with Cyndi Lauper while making the 80's Trivial Pursuit commercial. Not fit to be Bishop!!!!!

Oh, just kidding. I find it weird that I am at the age where I go on group dates with's bizarre. Good luck, Mark. You will be awesome! As will your family.


The Knowles Family said...

Liz... you are so funny!

Marrdy said...

Congrats (I think) to your brother. But man, he got to meet Cyndi Lauper. How cool is that? Oh yeah, Kool Aid cool.

You crack me up!

Amy said...

That was a funny post. Rootbeer on applejacks? That IS gross! Only something a brother would do...

brooke said...

That was a great post (roast!)--I remember when you guys stole the Taco Bell. Mark was working at TB at the time right? and theirs got stolen so you stole it from another TB? I also remember that Mark's missionary farewell was the funniest ever--we idolized him. Congrats to him--he'll be great.