Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I was tagged and now you must suffer (or not read it!)

The 8 Things no particular order

8 T.V. shows I love to watch:


2-30 Rock


4-Samantha Who?

5-House Hunters (it's the voyer in me...I love to see inside people's houses)

6-Jon & Kate +8

7-So You Think You Can Dance

8-Curious George and Charlie & Lola come in as a tie.

Favorite Restaurants:


2-Cafe Rio


4-Citris Grill


6-The Do Do (my VERY favorite)


8-Bucca de Peppo

8 Things That Happened Today:

1-I started laundry (isn't this exciting?)

2-I shoveled heavy, wet snow

3-Parent Teacher Conference

4-Subbed for Jen and taught her 2 classes

5-Drove to school 3 times (morning, Kindergarten, PT conference)

6-Got both kids to finish homework within half an hour of getting home

7- Dealt with a VERY long tantrum from a middle child who shall remain nameless.

8- Found 3 pair of mittens in 1 minutes time.

8 Things That I Look Forward To:

1-8:30, when all kids are in bed

2- hearing about the birth of Julie's triplets (I heard it was really close!)

3- a new president (yes, I don't share my "conservative democratic" political views often because of the rudeness of many, many Utahns, but I am excited for the new year. I did vote for Huntsman and a few other choice republicans)

4-attending a play with my hubby on Saturday.

5-Thanksgiving week....I love that week.

6-Girl's night, whenever and wherever it will be.

7-a cure for autism/asperger's

8-seeing Quinn when he wakes up because he is so cute in his monkey sleeper suit.

8 People I Tag: seriously, like any of you! do it. Monika? Stacey? Kari? Amy? Jessica? Brooke? Mark? whoever!


Karen said...

WHAT??? You're a democrat!!! I don't think we can be friends anymore. Ha ha.

I've been amazed at the contention that issue has brought out in people this year!

Fun lists, Liz.

brooke said...

This was fun to read. I will do it on my blog in a couple days. I'm glad to see someone else is in the car as much as I am. Love your restaurant choices too!

Camblins said...

i love reading these tags, you get to know so much about people! I am still getting used to Utah people, especially Utah mormons so I totally understand you!

Marrdy said...

Wanted you to know that I voted for many Democrates this time around. You would be proud of me!!

I hadn't heard that Julie's babies were here....

Amy said...

I'm SHOCKED at your choice for president :) You should have come to Chi-town to celebrate with us!

And seriously, I'm not sure I could eat at a place called "The Do Do"...