Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Blog Birthday...please, no presents...unless your name is Bill

Happy 1 year Blog day to me! Like I say, I like to celebrate things.

Why I love Blogging:
  1. I have been able to connect with old friends that I haven't seen in years. I love this! I (unlike many in my family) am a very social person and love to still be involved in peoples' lives, even if they are all the way across the country. And honestly, being a mom of a child with special needs is a VERY isolating feeling sometimes. So, if I can connect with y'all this way, it keeps me off my ledge. That's why blogging is not a waste of time.
  2. I'm a horrible journal keeper because it isn't very fun....blogging IS fun!
  3. It's a non-obligatory way of keeping people abreast of my going-ons. No one HAS to read it (except Bill), but they only do if they want. I like that!
  4. I love reading my friends' blogs and see that their lives aren't perfect either.
  5. I love comments.....it makes me happy to hear from you all and I try diligently to keep up with all of your blogs.

Now...I'm still not very good at it. I haven't figured out how to put a site meter, images, new backgrounds, and a lot of other things on my blog, but I'll do that one day. Right now...it's just a bare bones blog that enables me to brag or bash on my kids/husband, share big moments, share little moments, and basically just spout off random thoughts into the universe.....thanks for reading!


Cindy said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'm still on my Blogymoon..haven't been around a full year yet...but it's probably been long enough to have a little Blogdle of joy by now....whew I should write for the sequel of Juno....ha! Anyway...hope you get a great big present from Bill!

Bill Sackewitz said...

I think I'll get you a journal for your Blog Birthday or is this one of those times that "hardware" is required?

Ashley said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I will come over when I'm in town for Christmas and give you a sitemeter. It is fun to see that there are people in Afghanistan (or wherever) reading your blog!

Emily K. said...

I too am glad you blog. It makes me feel that anytime I would run into you I'm not some long lost friend. I can still hold on to the love I have for you and your family!

Amy said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!! It's so fun to read, especially because you write the way you talk so I can totally here your voice when I read your blog.

Here's to hoping you and your blog have another happy year together!!

Marrdy said...

Congrats on your anniversary. And may I say you make me laugh every time I come here. To Bill: Go get your cute wife a blogging gift...maybe flowers or chocolate!!

the Panlings said...

Liz you are so freakin' cool... took the thoughts right out of mind. You really are the bomb and not that our paths of life cross so many times, but this is a great way to get to know you better! Happy Bloggsyear! lol

sheryl said...

so this is an old post of yours...but this is where I landed. Just want to say hi, fun blog. And about 1980's...that really wasn't so long ago!