Saturday, July 23, 2011

Seriously?'s been a week. One to remember.

Sunday---My computer basically crashes

Monday---My mother basically crashes. After rehabbing from her knee surgery for 3 months, my mom slipped on a box and broke her femur. Ouch. Can you say "immobilization for months". Poor women. She was more ticked than anything. Surgery and has moved to rehab.

Tuesday---Hosted an activity group for my daughter. Line dances, bedazzled water bottles, silly snake hot dogs, and princess parfaits. Visited my mom in hospital. She had been cleaning out closets and drawers when she fell, so guess how her usually perfectly clean house looked like? Yeah. I got to box that all up. She would do the same for me!

Wednesday---Cowabunga Bay, baby! Took along my awesome babysitter for help. Super day, but I was TIRED and barely stayed awake for Young Womens.

Thursday---Swim lessons and hung with my mom in her new rehab facility. At 72, she is the spring chicken in there. I hope she survives. They wanted to wheel her down to the lounge to hear the "Fraid-Knot String Band". Not her cup of tea. Then had a super night at a much needed girl's night.

Friday---Cleaned house, weeded, and had an actual date with Bill (it's been least it seems like it). Saw "Super 8". Sooooooo goooooood.

Saturday----had BBQ for a few friends and fam. Always fun, and Bill amazed us all with his fireworks display and tacky yellow "Black Cat" t-shirt.

Exhausted! Best wishes to my wonderful mom as she mends....again!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 big "whoop"

Well, just got back from my happy place, my celestial kingdom, my dream city. The good news is I got a few extra days in Coronado. The bad news is what happened that got me extra days.

We left Wednesday after work to drive to Tehachapi to see Bill's family. I had taken Emi into the doc on Monday for a strange cough that started recently. My doctor decided to test it for the off-chance of Whooping Cough, but was almost certain it wasn't. He even put her on an anti-biotic just because we were headed out of town. Well, off we go! On our way, we receive news that she is POSITIVE for Whooping Cough! Niiiiiicccccee. After a series of tantrums by me, we are told we can't go stay with Bill's parents because of his dad's respiratory issues and his sister's medical condition. Change-o-plans. We were all stuck on a antibiotic and had to wait out our contagious period in a St. George hotel. Bill still had to work one more day (which he was going to do in Cali), so I was locked up with 4 crazy kids. His family still was too nervous to be around us, so my great mom found a hotel just down from our beach resort for 2 extra nights in California.

In all reality, whooping cough isn't too bad if you don't have other issues. She felt great and we are hoping no one starts coughing anytime soon.

So, after that long introduction, here is Coronado by the Numbers!

2-unexpected nights in St. George
(St. George temple...I figured she would not spread germs there because the Lord wouldn't allow it)
6- days on the beach that were gorgeous and sunny. Far cry from the weather last year.

45- minutes that we were stuck in the California Fruit Inspection Station line in Yermo. They didn't even check us after all that!

3- number of polka dot swimsuits. There are just a few girl cousins, so grandma makes sure they are well-equipped.

1/3- the amount of the Coronado 4th of July parade that we stayed for. That equals a little over an hour. It's a WAY long parade and the military stuff is great. The Coronado garden club, not so much.

2- days of crazy waves. They were good the other days, but scary good the last 2 days. I'm pretty daring, but not that daring.

10- the amount of cousins we had with us....par-tay!
(Emi and Caroline as Mount Girlmore)

9- the channel of the news station we love in San Diego. KUSI. Their weather guy is old and nuts. He dances. We love it. In all reality, he started the Weather Channel and is quite successful. They also have an investigative reporter named "Turko" that makes Rod Decker look normal.

3- the number of days we ate pizza.

2- the number of kids willing to sleep in a chair in our St. George hotel room. Emi and then Quinn. They asked to do it and slept like logs. So weird, but it made it nice for the rest of us to have beds.

35- the dollar amount Bill dropped at Fuzziweg's candy shop so that he could be the cool dad.

4- the dollar amount we spent on 6 scoops of ice cream at MooTime Creamery. A total bargain that Bill got because they were out of brownies.

5- the amount of days that Emi was contagious.

6- the members of our family on antibiotics.

10 bazillion- the grains of sands we took home with us every day. But it's that wonderful fine soft sand. So hard to scrub off Macy!

0- the amount of milk Macy drank. She swore off milk in bottles, sippy cups, mom's glass. She won't touch it anymore. Strange. I'm not sure what to do about this.

75- the average temperature....perfect!

6- the hours by the pool. They bring us frozen grapes, italian ice, cucumbers for the it. Now if they could supervise my kids while I nap on the lounge chair.....

8- the number of times Quinn went to the bathroom at the pool. At least I know he didn't do it in the pool. Parker, however, did inform me that he is sure that the red-dye-turning-your-pee-red theory is just an old wives tale. Hmmmmmm

64- the miles Bill biked on Saturday. He brought his bike as he is training for LoToJa. He did a lot more than 64 all combined, but I lost track.

10- the number of times our van scraped over speed bumps with our new trailer hitch to hold the bike.

80- the pounds of beach crap I pulled across the sand while Bill was biking. I'm the best wife.

9- the bottles of Gatorade Bill bought because they were only a buck each. He bought a rainbow of colors. He was way too excited about this and loved having an array of colors to pick from in the fridge.

7- number of times Quinn begged me to take his pic in front of this fountain. It was always when I was loaded down with crap.

3- hours Parker, Bill, and Grandpa spent at the USS Midway. I've been on 2 aircraft carriers in my life....never feel the need to do it again.

2-dolphins Bill and I saw while boogie boarding. There was also a sea lion sighting by my niece.

4- number of crabby kids at my clean clothes beach picture photo shoot. Macy covered herself in sand and screamed because we wouldn't let her hold the crab she found on the beach. I will post those pics another day. I'm still upset about them.

2- nights out! Wonderful grandparents!!!!!

1- car packed to the gills!

Hundreds- tears shed by me when we left.

I have such a connection to this place. It's almost enough to make me sell everything I own and buy a hut on the beach (as that would be all I could afford on the island). I've been there most every summer since I was 4. I love the whole California dream. I'm well aware of the nightmare California...traffic, high prices, governors that have love children, but I love the Beach Boys, Gidget, palm tree, Sunkist commercial, laid back California. It truly exists and I love that I spend 7-9 days a year in it. Thanks for reading my long, long travelogue!