Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tradition, tradition, (la la la la la la la) TRADITION! the game kind of sucked, but the traditional spread of glutinous treats was super. Bill doesn't watch oodles of football (due to lack of time, not lack of desire), but the BYU/UTAH game and the Superbowl require the following:
  • Onion dip
  • Mozzerella sticks
  • Peanut M&M's
  • Chips and salsa
  • Weinharts Vanilla Cream (It looks like's not)
  • Cocktail weenies, marinated in grape jelly and mustard....sound gross, but it is SOOOO good...very white trashy

Another tradition embarked on today was the raking of leaves. The kids go crazy for it.

Check out Parker jumping into the leaves.....he looks like he is about to hit Quinn....he didn't.

And, oh more silly tradition done by the men and boys of our ward. The infamous Turkey Bowl. They basically run around talking schmack and then limp around in major pain the rest of the day. My dear Bill goofed up his back. He's the one in the 89 jersey.


Bill Sackewitz said...

Thanks for the treats, Hon! And for the record, The Turkey bowl is not silly. It's a venerable, hallowed institution that represents the strength and valor of where's those Loritab's left over from your last post-pardom stint?

Marrdy said...

Sure it's not beer!! I pulled that picture up and DID NOT recongnize one person, not ever Bill! (I know 89, but it doesn't look like him) Maybe I have been gone too long!

Stacey said...

Yeah, that game was miserable. But my mouth is watering just thinking about that Henry Weinhard's... Time to go to CostCo and spend a fortune on a case of that stuff :)