Sunday, June 24, 2012

The fun never stops in June

And we continue with the pics of the fun. 

Bee's game. I spent 30 minutes of it waiting in line to ride the little train with Macy. At least it was shady there. 

 And off to the farm. One of our favorites. I don't know why we only go once a year. My kids dig animals. I had to talk Macy into the horse ride. Once I called it a "My Pretty Pony", she was fine. 

 I can dream, can't I?
 Have you other moms ever noticed how many things you do with your kids that involve being pulled around in a circle?
 It was Dairy Days, so Quinn and Macy got to herd the cows into a pen. Macy smacked her cows good. 

 Bill received a shirt from the kids on Father's Day that had a road on the back. They drew all sorts of his favorite places on it. This is pure heaven to me. I want to borrow the shirt because they kids will happily drive their cars all around. (idea from pinterest....I could never make this up)
 City Creek. um...LOVED IT! We had a ball and it's my new favorite strolling location. Now I just need to rid myself of the kids and do some serious shopping. 
 Disney Store (but also do the American Eagle 77 stuff in there too)
 Oh yes, the zoo. I always take this pic. My monkeys are growing so fast. 

 Again, going in a circle. 
 Rocky Shores is sweet! I loved that we could get close and personal with the polar bear and sea lions. So much better than before, but where are the penguins?

I've seriously been packing in the activities this month. My kids are always begging for outings. I just want to know when the lazy days start?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What we've been doing BESIDES the kitchen remodel.

So, we have had a life other than the big remodel. (My cabinets are in, by the way, and I'm so excited. I will refrain from posting my after pics until it's really done)

Parker's school program
 Macy and Quinn celebrated Dylan (Macy's boyfriend) 3rd birthday at Jungle Jims. 
 Quinn's a sucker for a car with a Lion on it. 

 Emi had her portfolio party....I thought this was weird before I went, then decided I loved the idea. The kids sang a few songs and then could sit with you to go through ALL their projects from the year. She had a seriously creative teacher this year, and I was amazed at how much they did and created, even for boring subjects like science. They could only invite one guest, and I loved that I could focus on her work without my other kids bugging me. 
 That is one full portfolio!

 Quinn is posing for a shot instead throwing the ball in like he is supposed to. His team (Dragon it) was undefeated this season. They are a good little team. He even scored a couple goals this year. Emi's team (Purple Pandas.....doesn't that inspire fear?) was not so lucky. She has had one win in 2 years. But their team saw huge improvement this year. 
 Cutest boys ever.

 Emi went to the first of many social engagements this summer. This was her friends cupcake party. was that mom. The one who puts us to shame with her awesome parties. Just wait till next post to see what they did for their first book club. 

 Speaking of birthdays, my very awesome mother-in-law was in town for her birthday this year. Something that has never happened in all the years I've been in this family. We celebrated at Aunt Lisa's. 
 I'm glad we gave her a magnifying light up mirror. It was quite entertaining for the kids to see themselves so close. I refused to look in it. 

 Quinn graduated preschool. (sniff sniff) He's getting so grown up. I just love this little boy. 
 Quinn is quite the performer. He sings loud (and it sounds good) and is a total comedian onstage. 
 My future kindergartner

So...there are more pics to download, but that won't happen tonight. Father's day wears me out. 

Happy Father's Day to Bill, the best daddy in the world. The kids absolutely adore him and his fun and silly games he plays with them. He is truly the best daddy ever. 

And to my cute dad. He's the cutest guy ever. His path has been so tricky in the last 3 years, but he keeps in good spirits and has a super sense of humor. He is one of the most generous individuals in the world. 

Lucky to have amazing men in my life!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


This post tonight is in honor of my poor ailing Macy. She contracted  hand-foot-mouth disease and is a MESS. Luckily, her fever is down and she's eating again, but it's so sad. If you look closely at this picture, you can see her blotchy mouth. But she still mustered up enough courage to be the "blue princess" that she likes to be. 

 This little girl is up to her eyeballs in personality. I have to write down some of the great "Macy-isms" right now. 

"Airplane-copter" - a plane or a helicopter. It must be gleefully yelled to get the full effect.

If you call her anything other than her name (snookums, sweetheart, moo-moo) she says, "No...I'm Macy Jane"

Yes, she wears the princess attire, but she is equally a Jedi. "Tar Wars" is one of her favorite things to play. Sadly, she likes to do it with Parker's precious Lego Star Wars ships. This has been a major source of contention.

Every temple is a castle. A "pwetty castle". 

"Tinky-bell" apparently lives on her ceiling in her room. I wasn't sure what she was talking about, until I realized that the green light on the smoke detector is "Tinky-bell". 

She is my most polite child to date. At her young age, she never misses a please or especially a thank you. She will go to great lengths to say "thank you, mom". It's so sweet.

Coloring pictures is her "homework"

It's never yeah or's "yesh". 

Everyday....."can we go swimming'?"   When I say no, she goes "AWWWW, pwease?"

Backpacks are "pack-packs" and must be worn to bed.

...and of course, "I do it my myself". So independent! 

And at night....she insists on "nuggles". 

Love this girl!

Here she is running with Emi at the school fun-run. Always up for a challenge.  

Hope she gets better soon.