Monday, February 25, 2013

With parents kind of here....

So, yea, it's been forever since I posted. February tends to do that to me. It's just about surviving right now until it warms up. Here are little updates and milestones we hit recently.

*Macy is a singing machine. It's too cute. Her favorite is "I am a Child of God", but instead of singing "with parents kind and dear" she sings "with parents kind of here". Yep, that's about the size of it. Even when we are around right now, I'm not sure how "here" we are. Reality check. Thanks Macy.

*Physical Therapy: A WAY overdue shot in the dark for help with my back. I've been going twice a week for 3 weeks (hence, no blog posts) and the PT is quite good. I've been super faithful with my exercises, but he's doing ASTYM on my back to release the tension. This involves a stick, cocoa butter, and my spasm-ing muscles. Not a fan, but maybe it's working. The best thing so far has been the taping of my back. Yep, just like all those cool Olympic divers last summer, my back is decorated in black tape to help the muscles. I have to say, it kind of works. It fell off this morning, and I really feel a difference. I'm worried that I'm doomed to a life of ugly tape on my back, but I don't don a lot of halter tops, so who cares. Especially if it works. Bill is coming with me on Friday to learn how to tape me up. The joys of marriage never cease.

* Speaking of marriage, Bill insisted we get away for a night. I threw every barricade in the way to insist I didn't have time, but alas, he was right. We needed a short getaway. Cute Chloe, my niece at BYU, stayed over with the kids while we hightailed it downtown. Blue Lemon, shopping at City Creek (finally used my Athleta gift card...sweet!), cheesecake, hot tub with snow falling outside, sleeping in, breakfast in bed.....need I say more. My husband rocks!

*Emi....we've been hanging out a lot. It's been nice. Shopping trips, girls ski day, and we went to the ballet Saturday night to see Cinderella by Ballet West. Best part? On the way to Trax, we ran up to the Channel 2 news window and jumped around like dorks during a newscast. I've always wanted to do that. Bill taped it for us. It was pretty sad. Emi is sporting a shorter haircut these days and is starting rehearsals for "Alice in Wonderland" by Mt West Ballet. She's so fun to be with right now.

*Parker gave his first talk in sacrament meeting last week. Wow, he knocked it out of the park. Bill helped him write it, and he really did it well. It was on family history and he even found a name to take to the temple while writing it. Phew....big relief. The stake president was there and he told Bill that was the best youth speaker he'd ever heard.  Parker also has risen to the State level in the charter schools "Art Inspirations" program in visual art.  Way to go!

Li-Li waiting patiently for Quinn to finish

*Quinn is rocking the piano. He just started August, but I have to say.....he's really good! He picks up so fast. It's hard to believe that this goofy little boy has it in him. He also finished his basketball league, which was pure comedy. I loved his games. He has a new bed as well. It's more of a playland than a bed as he is always jumping off the top of it.

Riding the mall train!

* Macy....well. The girl pooped in a toilet. Yes, I'm aware she's 3 and this should have happened WAY earlier, but my kids have never figured out the poop. They are so scared of it. She's been #1 trained for awhile, but the girls would always find a way to have a pull-up on when the poop was coming. So, last weekend, she had a train ride at the mall and a new toy to show for it. I had to live up to the bribes. I'm the worst potty trainer ever. So glad that chapter is closing.

He might just kill me for this pic
*Bill: This Saturday is the 5 year anniversary of him being the first counselor in the bishopric. Perhaps that is why he looks like this most of the time.

That's the skinny from around here, at least the stuff I'll fess up to. February is generally hard for us with Parker, and this is no exception. One day at a time. The spring will come soon.

.....maybe that's why I'm just "kind of here".

Friday, February 8, 2013

Technology contract kids don't have phones yet. I'm not sure when that day will arrive, but I'm still happy it's not here. Emi and Parker do have an iTouch, but use it mostly for games and Google Maps. We have an iPad that belongs to mom and dad (Santa was very specific), but the kids sure do get whiny to use it. We've been really, REALLY trying to set technology guidelines, but it is so tricky. 

I love the blog "71 Toes". I started reading it about 6 months ago because I noticed that they head to Coronado the same week we do every year and I really love the parenting advice. It fits my style. I've stolen a ton of stuff off it for my own family. The funny thing is, I don't know this woman, but I see past friends of mine pop up in her pics from time to time.....what a small little world we live in. Anyway, she posted this today and I LOVE it. I want to use it for my kids. I've posted the "technology contract" she posted, but here is the link to the entire post. You should read it. It's great.