Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, the end of another year. I will post about our wonderfully fun Christmas in a few days, but I must bid a fond farewell to an unforgettable year for us. I always get excited about planning my goals for the future year (full well knowing they will be forgotten in a few weeks), so I decided to list what I DID do in 2010. Forgive me if I'm a little self indulgent and braggy, but I need this.

1. I didn't kill my kids...I'm serious. Each one has pushed me the edge of insanity more than once, but they are still alive. Amazing self control on my part.

2. I taught approx. 300 dance classes and supervised around 250 other ones. No wonder my back hurts all the time. I produced a great recital (I think my best yet) and even performed.

3. We were in 2 earthquakes in California. Always fun.

4. I scrapbooked all of 2009 digitally. It's not great, but it's my family history.

5. I got 2 kids almost fully self-sufficient on skis. 2 down, 2 to go until we can ski as a family (and go bankrupt).

6. My marriage survived. I know this sounds strange, but after a bout of unemployment, this is worth mentioning. I obviously love my hubby and would never trade him for anyone (except maybe Dr. Drew, but that is a post for another day), but unemployment is a strain. It caused us some strife, but we got through and I'd like to think we are closer because of it.

7. I was sugar-mama. I supported my family. I personally think that is cool. We were extremely, EXTREMELY blessed during unemployment with a great severance, good planning, and my studio, but when you don't know how long it will last, you really learn to budget. This was good for me. I've always been blessed money-wise, and it was strangely fun for me to live in a tight budget. But not that fun. I must say, the week Bill got a job, I started tearing up in Wal-Mart knowing I could buy Macy Pampers instead of the cheap stuff. Sad.

8. I did p90X....not faithfully, but I stuck with it fairly well for awhile. I can't stand the tone of Tony Horton's voice anymore, but I did it. Not that you can tell under my holiday layer of fat. I also learned to like running again. That was nice.

9. I got away with my college girls! Finally. We've been threatening to do this for years, but pregnancies and nursing messed it up. It was so very rejuvenating and we are hoping to do it all again this year. I laughed all weekend, except when I got stomach flu for 12 hours.

10. I spoke my mind more. This wasn't always appreciated, but I'm proud of myself.

11. I took care of some things that were wearing me down. For example, my teeth had shifted again thanks to TMJ. I finally took the bull by the horns and got my braces on again, for the third time. Little things like that.

I hope we take a moment to look at what we did. Feel good, be happy and thankful for all that you were able to do.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December pics so far......

Well, it's been a big "Emi" month. Not that my other children haven't done stuff, just not real photo worthy stuff.


Eight year old!

They didn't really duet for the piano recital, but cute nonetheless

After the 1st Nutcracker performance

Sugar Plum Pages

page friends....

Quinn's awesome preschool program. The kid sang every word and did every action. I was so proud. He loves to sing. I heard him lying awake in his bed this morning singing a never ending rendition of jingle bells....he doesn't know how to finish it. Too cute.
I hosted the dessert portion of my girl's night party (we let the ball and chains come to this one). It was awesome, but I can't share too many pics of that. Let's just say Fabio made an appearance, as did the dreaded blue poinsettia, Desperate Housewives game, a stellar home-made "stripling warriors" tie, and an old BYU towel dispenser. That one got left at our house and Bill is dying to put it in the garage.

Merry Christmas....there will be more pics. Just had to catch up a bit before the barrage of Christmas morning photos hits me.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Emi, age 8

Emi is 8 tomorrow. My baby girl is 8. When did that happen?

Here are 8 reasons I love my sweet Emi-Cakes:
1. Emi came at the right time. Heavenly Father knew I needed her and when I needed her. She was my happiest surprise I've ever had and blessed our lives exactly when I needed her. She is a constant support to all around her.

2. Emi is usually happy. She's fierce when she's not, but a joy when she is.

3. She is a great care-taker. She takes care of her room, her siblings, her homework, and her toys. It's sooooo refreshing!

4. She's done it all: skiing, dance, piano, gymnastics, super-reader, smarty-pants girl.

5. Emi is super social and is a wonderful friend to her gaggle of little friends everywhere. She goes to more birthday parties than I have ever seen.

6. We call Emi a monkey. She totally loves it.

7. She is the skinniest creature on the planet, but can eat her weight in pancakes.

8. Bill is really happy that her good looks are being covered up by glasses. He wants to keep her to himself. But she is still gorgeous beyond measure. Stunningly gorgeous, in my opinion.
(at her party this weekend)