Sunday, June 29, 2008

Footsie with Quinn and Yummy Green Candy's been a slow week as blog posts go, and nothing much is happening today to report. So I'll tell you a few random things....

*My new way to get Quinn to eat is I sit in a chair across from his high chair and we play footsie together. It seems to distract him enough to eat without complaint. I am EXTREMELY ticklish, but I'll do it in the name of nourishing my child.

*My cousin's son got married last week and I love weddings done by Linda! Though this wedding was missing the diet coke, it did have her famed "Candy Bar". This time, the wedding colors were green instead of pink, so I have been delightfully snacking on green jelly bellies, mint m&m's, green gumballs, and sour green apple chews. Yum! And when my bag was gone, I ripped into Bill's bag. He came in yesterday and said, "Oh, hmmm, my bag has been opened by someone" which I replied, "and your laundry has been done". That usually quiets him down when I steal his food. Guilt!

*I have become a big fan of infomercials.....this is so sad. The only thing I have ever bought off an infomercial was TaeBoe tapes, Pro-active (darn those adult zits), and a scrapbook program. All are terrific. So here's my question to all you ladies out there; Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover?

*I have snuck Quinn into nursery at church the last two weeks, even though he is 2 weeks away from the coveted nursery age. Can I be exed for this?

*My favorite thing to do while I'm working at my desk is to watch Brian Regan clips on YouTube. So funny.

*Bought "Urine Gone" from Linen N Things this week. Wow! Best $10 you'll spend if you have a boy. His bathroom smells good again.

*Saw WALL-E on opening night (cannot remember the last time I saw something on opening night, and yet Parker was disappointed that we went to the 7 p.m. show instead of the 11:00 show. We weren't the first!). Loved it. It was a sweet love story between robots. It was cute and a had a good message without being overly preachy. Made me want to recycle. Plus, the short cartoon before is hilarious.

Well, that's me this week. Hope you all are enjoying the summer!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Marrdy tagged me....I've never been tagged. Cool...I was in need of a good idea for my post.

1-What were you doing 10 years ago? I was just about to go on my first date with Bill, which was the start of a whirlwind of wonderful, anxiety-ridden, and horrible few months. Those who knew me then know of which I speak. I had to say goodbye to a wonderful person and hello to a different wonderful person. Wonderful and horrible time. I still get tired just thinking about it. I was also into my 2nd year of teaching dance at American Fork High School and a dedicated watcher of "Friends".

2-What are 5 thing on your "to-do" list today? 1)Go to chiropractor so I can continue functioning 2) Meet with a wonderful therapist from Autism Journeys (loved her!) 3) clean out master bathroom drawers.....getting gross 4) read Quinn's favorite "Thomas" book 10 times 5) Pick up Emi from a birthday party.....I'm almost dreading it because this mom is the queen of cute parties. Emi will talk about all weekend and our parties will never live up to it =-)

3-Snacks I enjoy? Anything I don't cook...seriously! Other than that, fruit leather, diet coke, Cactus Cooler, peach salsa, chocolate anything, and frozen grapes

4-Places I've lived? Umm....kind of boring. Holladay, Midvale, Provo, Draper, and a semester in London. However, I sleep with a man who has lived in Siberia, Argentina, and East Bakersfield. Does that count?

5-What are five things you would do if you had a billion dollars?
1) Pay off debt for me and other people....that would feel great.
2) Support my favorite causes....I have a few that are near and dear to my heart. I wouldn't give to politicians.....kind of a waste in my opinion. Plus, Bill would just counter-balance and give an equal share to the opponent!
3) Travel
4) Buy the Hotel Del Coronado as my personal chalet!
5) Buy Bill his stinkin' new FJ an the old 1966 version...just so I could stop hearing about it!

6- People you want to know more about? hmmmm, there are things I would like to know about some of my friends, but I believe I am too classy to ask. I would love to get into the head of Mia Michaels or Wade Robson (choreographers).

Well, there you go. I now tag Stacey, Mark, Monika, and Emily K.....because apparently Emily has a blog and I haven't found it yet! So now you have to give it to me!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Horray for the end of school.....

1-Horray for no more nagging about homework....just nagging about piano, brushing teeth, picking up clothes, etc.
2- Horray for more waiting for shoes AND socks.
3- Horray for not waking up grumpy kids at 7:00 a.m.
4- Horray for an amazing 1st grade teacher who took Parker under her wing.....even when he made that difficult.
5- Horray that she wants to take him home for the summer!
6- Horray for me that I didn't tell off the horrible, bitty, crochety other first grade teacher that criticizes me and my son weekly.
7- Horray for burning a boatload of white knit polo shirts.....they have been bleached within an inch of their lives. I think that will be a new end-of-school tradition in our house. (seriously....white shirts on a bunch of elementary kids....stupid)
8- Horray for the Beach Boys dance party we had tonight.
9- Horray for Radio kept carpool interesting and I actually have grown to like Miley Cyrus and the rest.
10- Horray for 2 kids that have worked hard in pre-school and first grade! They are smarter than I ever was at this point. For example... quote from Parker: "777 has 9 syllables in it. Cool......." and Emi read me a story from the Friend today using words like "character" and "interesting" (seriously...preschool!)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Congratulations to Lisa and Allen

We just returned from my sister-in-law's beautiful wedding in California. Lisa and Allen married on Saturday and combined their two families. It's going to be a little "Brady Bunch" for them for awhile (6 kids....whoa!), but I've been so impressed with how their families have meshed together so well. We are excited because they will eventually be moving to Utah...Yea for us! And the best part.....I am no longer the rookie. I've been the "newbie" adult in the family for almost 10 years and I've finally gained a little seniority.
Emi and Lisa

It's SO SO SO rare to get a picture of all five of us!

The 12 has instantly become 16. I asked Emi how it felt to gain 4 girl cousins in one day.....her reply "Don't cousins have to, like, start out as babies or something......?"