Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Best of Disneyland 2013

So, I have been back a week now and it seems like forever since we went. But....here's the "Best" awards for our vacation.

Best new feature of the park: CARS LAND

This is what it looks like at 7 am, as we got in that early. Not exactly a relaxing vacation.

 So incredibly charming and you really feel like you are in the movie.

Best travel buddies: My parents
So, it was a new experience traveling with a motorized scooter, but I think we figured it out quite well. They will lock them down on a few rides, so nice that my dad could ride some things. However, my mom determined that she has taken her last Matterhorn ride with her bum leg. 

 I actually have more pics of us all together, but they are on my parent's camera.

Earliest meltdown: um, me. 
Only about 3 1/2 hours into the first day (and after this happy picture). That is a new record. Something about Adventure land usually sets me off. Sigh. The last meltdown was Macy refusing to leave the hotel on the last day. 

Best Wardrobe Malfunction: Um, me again
Luckily, no pics for this one. I was wearing a knee length circle skirt while riding Luigi's Tires. Air is pushed out of the ground the whole time, even while walking out to your tire. Kind of a Marilyn Monroe moment for me. 

Best visitors: Bill's parents and Leslie, Jake, and Caleb

Bill's parents, sister, and nephews drove down for a day with us. So fun to have time with them. And even better, my sweet mom-in-law brought oodles of snacks. A definite must when food is pricey. 
 Caleb with Macy
 Jake with Parker.....love their planning on this.

... don't worry, I have a great picture of Leslie later on.

Best Character moments:


....and Jack Sparrow. 

(unfortunately, their pics with Mickey and Minnie are in video form. Bill is sure he can fix that. Anyone know how?)

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention" Award

Macy was about an inch too short for the magic 40 inch mark on many rides. I found a pair of Emi's old clogs that we stuck on her for those rides. The Star Tours lady was being a little weird about it, but said go ahead and they'd measure us at the end of the line. Well, like any good mother, I dug into my purse, ripped a maxi-pad in half and secured it into the shoes (all done very discreetly in the line) which put her just at the 40 inch line. Phew! She knew the drill.....put on the shoes, feet together, stretch to her fullest height, and flirt a little bit to get her in. Worked every time.

Best Newbie to Disneyland: Macy

We left her with grandparents last time, so it was finally her turn. She turned 4 on the trip, so we really got to celebrate her. She figured Disneyland out pretty darn quick and is ready to take it on all again. 

 Macy loves pigs. I love this pic....flanked by pigs and her glow stick.

Best Lucky Moment: Happening upon a perfect parade spot just as it's coming, and being the last people let in the "Radiator Springs Racers" line at 10:00 p.m.  
I had in my head that California Adventure closed at midnight, not 10:00. We sauntered over there, not knowing we were in a rush. Luckily, they let us in. Fun to ride at night.

Best Miracle: Macy
My poor little girl with breathing issues caught a cold a few days before we left. Often, this causes a day of steroids, inhalers, and breathing treatments to control her breathing. After the first day, I was sure we would be spending her birthday at some ER somewhere. After a blessing from Grandpa and daddy, she was fine and perked up considerably. Total miracle in my opinion, because that never happens. I got the same cold on the last day, and it wasn't pretty.

 Best Show: World of Color
This is the second time I've seen it, but really, it's amazing. I love the Pirates of the Caribbean stuff.
(Worst show....no promised fireworks on Saturday night)
 Parker kicked out Macy to rest his feet while we were waiting.

Best "embarrass your teenager" moment: Mad Tea Party dance
We happened upon this the last night. Macy can't leave a dance party, so we danced along. Much to Parker's dismay. I do consider myself a pretty good dancer. That means nothing to a pubescent boy.

Biggest Goofball/most photogenic: Quinn
This kid loves his picture taken.

Favorite Drink/Treat: Mint Juleps and Mickey Mouse Beignets....
We sucked down a lot of these. I figure you are burning SO many calories by walking all day, right?

Best ride picture: Bill and Leslie.....

 ...and me, Parker, and Emi.

Newest Brave Girl: Emi
She rode every last ride. The girl used to have such a fear of a lot of the big ones, but she's been so very adventurous lately. Quinn......that's another story.

Nicest Afternoon: Friday
Bill and his sister, Leslie took older 2 kids on big rides, Grandma and Grandpa S. took Quinn on his favorite rides (and he LOVED the attention), while I took Macy for a nap at the  hotel. Lovely.

(last one, I promise)
Funniest Scenario: The older kids begging to stay until midnight the last night, and thinking the little ones would go back at 10:00. 
Nope...I had the big kids, and they pooped out at 11:00. They went to the hotel and crashed. However, Macy, Quinn, and Bill got back at 12:30 a.m/ after a crazy last run through several rides, along with an ice cream sunday. I have never seen such a second wind.

Man, the energy it takes to take 4 kids to Disneyland is intense. But I'd probably do it all over again. =)