Friday, March 26, 2010

Where you come from

So, I watched "Who Do You Think You Are" tonight on NBC, which I've been wanting to do for awhile. The fact that Matthew Broderick was in it tonight(and I think he's adorable) didn't hurt. I'm not good at geneology, but luckily my brothers are and have done a ton of work/temple work for our ancestors. I really wouldn't even know where to start, but I hope to have time someday to do it. Knowing who you come from is powerful. It was neat to watch Matthew (I will always think of him as Ferris) find long lost grandparents that fought in WWI and the Civil War.

Which brings me to where I came from. My mom was born in a teeny town in Alabama (Linden). I always knew the crazy part of her upbringing....the strange names (Arcola and Norfleet, just to name a few), funny accents, and stories about the more colorful relatives that we all seem to have. I was lucky enough to travel there in 2003 with my mom and cousin, Linda. I really got to see what it was all about. It was beautiful, yet different than I had ever imagined. My kin (as they called themselves) were so open to seeing us. It truly was a whole other world. Fireflies at night, deep woods, gorgeous homes, beautiful little churches everywhere. Think Forrest Gump's hometown....which is literally right next door. The only turn-off was the extreme racism that still exists. Very surreal. Still, amazing to see this town.

The strangest part of the whole trip, though, was how "homey" it felt. I truly felt like I was part of that little town, a little like I was home, not just visiting. Of course, my relatives were so nice and welcoming (and their cooking was amazing), but it really was more than just that. I came from there. My family's beginning in the church came from there. Ancestry is a strong connection. I'm realizing this a lot. There are the obvious things that we pass to our children, like eyes and hair color, but I think we pass a lot more. I see the same insecurities, strengths, weaknesses and even "baggage" going to my kids, just like it came to me. I love that we have connections in the universe to people we never knew on this Earth. It makes me believe in a pre-existence.
The house my mom was born in and lived in...
The Magnolia Branch ward house

This was where my Grandpa Jowers had his restaurant

my mom with her brother's grave...he died as an infant

One of the many graveyards we walked around.

Being there also helped me learn a lot about the south. A coke is any soda, everything burns down there at some point, there really is a store called the "Piggly-Wiggly", they are CRAZY drivers, and that my family has a really interesting history.

Where are you all from?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Update....with no pictures....Sorry!

Updates of my week:

Emi got glasses....she is adorable in them. I think she looks like the middle child on "Modern Family". I will post pics soon. If any of my children have to get glasses (and I can guarantee they all will), I guess I'm glad it's her. She is responsible enough to take care of them, but I miss seeing her gorgeous brown eyes.

I got the nasty cold my husband had. Nothing like spinning around teaching dance and having snot whip out unless you suck in while turning. I know, graphic and gross.

Speaking of boogers, I took Parker on a date to "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid" movie on Friday. He loved it. It was pretty cute. It was what it was. Unfortunately, Parker downed a huge Sprite right before it started, but refused to leave the show to go to the bathroom. The entire second half he was doing a crazy potty dance.

I got to do "Big Girl" dancing on Saturday. So nice to work on a dance with my teaching staff. It's fun to challenge ourselves a little and get on stage once in awhile. It keeps me motivated on working out.

Thursday was my monthly "Girl's night". I live for this night. It is my sanity. We went to "Salt City Burgers". If you are local, GO GO GO GO GO! I've been dreaming of it ever since. Totally yummy gourmet burger. Speaking of restaraunts, Bill and I hit an amazing Italian restaurant downtown, but the name escapes me. It's pizza, but again, gourmet. WOW! Diet...blown.

So...there you go. Interesting, no, but I got nothing else!

Friday, March 12, 2010

This, That, and Then Some......

I really don't mean for my blog to be a P90X progress chart, but it is such a big part of my life that I have little else to talk about! Tomorrow, I will be on day 28. This is a milestone! Improvements? My tummy is still gooey, stretched-out, and gucky, but my arms and legs are significantly stronger. That's a good feeling. There is even a little line around my shoulder muscle (help me out Stacey....what's it called? All my anatomy knowledge went out the window with each pregnancy!). I feel my core muscles, but they must be under the leftover baby stuff. Yoga is getting better...I have it tomorrow, and I'm not looking forward to it, but it makes me stronger. I think the fact that it takes 1 1/2 hours out of my already busy day makes me resent it.

In other news, I've been enjoying the show "Parenthood". It's been interesting to see Hollywood's take on Asperger's syndrome. There are definitely some characteristics of Max that Parker has, but at least he doesn't wear a pirate costume everywhere.

Bill and I saw Brian Regan in concert on Wednesday. So great. My abs hurt from laughing so hard. It's nice to go to a comedian that isn't gross. It's also nice to listen to him with my kids and know that he's not going to pull out nasty stuff. Seems like he really digs on Utah!

And lastly, my cute Uncle Harold died on Monday. He was in his 90's and very ready to go see his wife that he lost to cancer in 1978. He was a true American hero, though way too humble to admit it. He was a survivor of the Batan Death March and was a POW for 4 years, tortured by Japanese soldiers almost the whole time. You'd think that this would harden him, but he was forgiving and humble. His son went on a mission to Japan, and that must have been hard. There is a book about him that was so interesting to read. If you ever want to read it, let me know and you can borrow my copy. On the homefront, he taught me to waterski, had a crazy fun backyard to play in, and was into taxidermy....O.K., that part freaked me out. I have horrific memories of the "animal room" a four year old, a bunch of dead wild animals with scary, awake faces can warp you for life. (Brooke and you get to keep any of those?....hee hee hee). But other than that, he was great. He would make floats for our local 4th of July parade. I got to ride on the "Love Float" (this was the early 80's...."The Love Boat" was really cool then) and a merry go-round float. Harold was one of those great individuals you hope to meet in your life and I'm so glad he is reunited with my Aunt Kathleen.