Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bill's Decorating Genius

There they new coat hangers. This was all Bill's doing, so I made him be Vanna for you. Fun, huh?

2 posts in one week?!? Wow.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh yeah....we went to Arizona

It's been 2 weeks since Bill and I returned from our Arizona getaway, and it seems more like 2 years. However, the trip was amazing, wonderful, and all too short.

Why Arizona? We had a cheap-y deal with Marriott that we had to use up quick, and Arizona in March sounded splendid. I've done AZ in August. Not too smart. We had 85 degree temps and no kids. What could be better?

(BTW, there will be no pics of me... I can't stand the sight of my braces. I don't want them recorded forever. I also have no self-esteem)

We flew down Thursday morning. Thanks to Hertz screwing up our confirmation, we had to book it to Avis to get whatever they had left. This was it. Fun, yet completely hard to get into the back seat...not that we went into the back seat. The trunk is ridiculous. Fun, but dumb. We hung by the pool and had lovely naps in the sun. Then off to Cheesecake Factory. I could've been happy with just that, but I still had 2 1/2 full days left.
85 degree temps don't feel as good when not by the pool, but still a great day for a spring training game. We saw the Dodgers vs the A's. Dodgers lost horribly, but we got 2 great homeruns out of it. Nice way to spend a weekday afternoon.

Speaking of home runs, on the way home from the game we stopped at "Last Chance". This is not Nordstrom, or even Nordstrom Rack. It's where everything goes after that. I've been there twice and scored great deals everytime, so I had to introduce Bill to the fun. Guess how much we paid for all this loot. I'll tell you in a later post, but just take a guess. 3 dress shirts, tweed skirt, running shoes, matching flats for the girls, a suit for Bill, sunglasses, tights, pantyhose, a few little toys, etc, etc.....

We had a great outdoor mall by our hotel. Friday night was wonderful. We sat outside (not even cold) and ate Rubios on big comfy couches while listening to this local girl sing. Not bad. We kept updating the BYU game score on my phone. Ahhhh, perfect night. We even had time to watch the Netflix DVD thats been collecting dust on my TV for a month.

Saturday, we spent another lazy day by the pool with guacamole and smoothies. I read almost an entire book. Why did I have kids? Seriously?

Oh yeah...this is why. Grandma and Grandpa had a super time with the kiddos and luckily had good weather to spend outside with them. Yeah for them for handling our brood for 3 days. Thanks guys!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Please don't leave me!

I estimate that there are about 10 of you who read my blog, so I know this won't effect a wide range of people. I really, really want to post stuff, I just don't have the mojo to accomplish it all right now. Please come back to me when I can spare a moment to talk about my trip to AZ with Bill, fish drama, and the oh-so many other things that have happened recently. I will come back. I just need to sleep, focus on family, etc. Thanks!