Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, my kids had a day off school on Friday, so instead of sleeping in and allowing them to watch TV and play video games all day (what I wanted to do), I took Parker and Emi skiing (what I should do). We had gone over Christmas, and my dear sister is an amazing ski teacher, so she gave them both a great start. I took Parker by himself a few weeks back, and he really became self-sufficient. I was really freaked out to take 2 beginning skiers, but said "What the Heck" and did it anyway. I was smart enough to put Emi in a morning lesson, which helped greatly. She's not exactly loving taking advice from her mom right now. She ended up having a private lesson and did super. In fact, when she joined me and Parker, I hardly had to help her at all! Wow...we have reached a milestone! I can take these two skiing, by myself.
Bill, snowboarder that he is, is of no help in this situation. Snowboarders cannot teach skiers, or even go slow enough for moral support. I have GIGANTIC respect for my mom, who took us 4 kids skiing all the time growing up. My dad does not ski, and she was brave beyond measure. Just putting on all our boots would have been nightmare!

(enjoying her well deserved cookie at the end of her class)

Here is Emi with her teacher. Glad it wasn't me! Well, I think I am officially done with skiing for the season. With my growing belly, my snowpants barely fit. So no more until next year. It was a gorgeous day with great snow and no crowds...a great way to end!
Speaking of Emi and her lack of desire to listen to her mother's better judgement, I could not convince her that this outfit was wrong in so many ways. How can you argue with the fact that they are both black and white? I, control freak that I am, held firm that she would not go to see Monster's Vs. Aliens with us until she changed shirts. She can discuss it with her therapist in years to come.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random thoughts on the week...

Well, it's been a good week... here is the rundown:
  1. I don't the get the hoopla over St. Patrick's Day. Maybe it's because I'm not Irish or that I don't drink. However, you would have thought it was Christmas to Emi. A Leprechaun sent them on a hunt and messed up her classroom. She was thrilled.
  2. Parker won 1st place in the photography division of the Art Express contest. He was beyond thrilled. We almost didn't make it to the awards ceremony in time, but thanks to a wonderful and brave Grandma, he made it in time! What a cool surprise! He so wanted to use his new Christmas camera from Grandpa N. (which is way better than our camera). 
This is the winning pic...Mt. Olympus after a snow storm

3. Parker, Bill, and I attended the second session of the Draper Temple dedication on Friday. I happened to see part of the first, which was the cornerstone ceremony (we are standing by the newly added cornerstone).  We were in one of the big sealing rooms. Parker was wiggly, but did good for having to be there 2 1/2 hours early. It was wonderful and beautiful. Quite an experience. 
4.  Emi believes that, since there are Storm Troopers and Snow Troopers (Parker talks about this stuff a lot), that there should be Sun Troopers. I can just imagine them....skipping around in orange plastic costumes. Sorry, I had to mention it.

5.  About 1/4 of the people I have told about my pregnancy have said, "I was wondering if you were". This is not a nice thing to say.

6. Because of the temple dedication, we did NOT have to go to church today. Neither did Bill. This has been heaven. He took the older kids to visit Aunt Lisa, and I had a decent nap!!!!! We ate a 3-course breakfast, I planned my week, we enjoyed each other....I  am so in love with this. I may not ever go again. What a novel idea to have my husband home on a Sunday!

7.   Quinn is still adorable, but just a little fiesty this week. Yesterday, we went to Friday's and the kid ate his weight in food. 
That is the week it was....enjoy  your next week. Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's still 10 less than the Octomom

Well, if you haven't guessed, I am becoming quado-mom. Yes, we are prego with our 4th child. I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around what 4 will be like. I know, like I can really handle the 3 I already have! Bill and I struggled back and forth forever about a possibility of a 4th. We are both youngest of 4, and I think that has a lot to do with it. That, and we actually feel like this is what we should do. That'll be a comforting thought in the next few years because we know we are IN FOR IT!  

I'm due Oct. 4th (the day before my birthday), but I'm planning on it coming in September. That first week of Oct is the birthday of me, my sis, my bro and Parker's is a week later. It's just a fertile time of year for my family. The plan was to have this baby this spring, but we just can't seem to figure out how to do that. So basically, from the end of August to first of January, we will be swimming in family birthdays. Can you say "No Money". 

Anyways, I know 4th kids don't get the same thrill factor that a 1st kid does. But we are super excited for him or her. The kids are thrilled, which I'm glad. Emi told me awhile ago that we should be done having kids, but she's warmed up. Parker wants to name it after something Star Wars like Jabba or Leia,  while Emi has decided that DJ would be a great name. I don't know why.

And yes, I am sick as a dog. Nightmare sick. Like zombie after 6 p.m. sick. Luckily, my OB took pity on me and gave me medicine that they give chemo patients. It's great. I'm craving anything I don't cook (like that's new), so I've spent a boatload of $ on take-out. Poor Bill. He really just looks at me and shakes his head. He's helped out a lot. Love you, hon!

Have a happy Sunday!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Silver Linings....

It's been a real up and down emotional week around here. BTW, thanks for all the sweet comments from you about my last post. I shouldn't write those things, but it is cathartic. It hasn't exactly been a "hold my head up high" type of week in that department, but that's o.k.  This week has drained me and I am in real need of finding the positive. So here are my silver linings in my life right now:
  1. Quinn is ultra-adorable right now. I actually have liked the 2's. He's sweet, smart, mostly happy and finally loving his Kindermusik class. He's a calm on my stormy days.
  2. Even though it snowed this week and we live in Utah, spring has GOT to be close.
  3. I am in the middle of choreographing to "Nelly, the Elephant" for my recital. If you don't know this song, go to iTunes and check it out. It reminds me of the funnest BYU cheer trip to ASU, so that is making me happy. 
  4. Emi is wonderful and mostly self-sufficient. I really rely on this. 
  5. Despite the BIG LOVE controversy which is making me insane, I watch hundreds of people a day pour into the temple open house everyday when I take my kids to school. What a great thing.
  6. Parker got his Gold Cup for federation. He's a totally different kid when he plays the piano. ( I won't mention the several bows he took or the little side show he is before he plays his piece...arghh!)
  7. Bill worked from home on Tuesday. Those of you who have talked to me in the last couple days know why this was a blessing.
  8. I have been given a calling that actually involves my talent. The "day of celebration" will be a huge undertaking, but I'm thrilled to be able to use my powers for good instead of evil (ha ha ha). And it's not choreographing a road show!
  9. I have one more silver lining ( a good one) but I'll save that for my next post.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our journey with Parker....

I should probably never do a post like this, especially on a bad day. But it's when the emotion is there. Parker was diagnosed with Asperger's ( a form of Autism) when he was 3. Since then, it's been a journey, one of which I never expected in my life. His main issues are social, behavioral, and sensory. It sounds like a lot, but knowing what we could be dealing with, it's good it's just this stuff. The trouble is, he looks normal. He sometime acts normal. So, therefore, people expect him to be normal. He's not. We are OK with this, but it's very tricky to help him fit into a normal classroom and a normal world. To just be able to relate to those around him in a healthy way takes a lot of work. We have amazing support for family, friends, teachers, therapists, and his few good, loyal friends. I have gotten through this for this reason only. 

The good, the bad, the ugly:

The Good: Trying to be positive. 
*Brilliant child, though getting him to focus on homework is a challenge. 
*He is loving, which is not a characteristic of autism. 
*He pays attention to details I would never notice. I have really enjoyed this during scripture time. He sees details I would never get. 
*Parker is an amazing musician. Perfect pitch without even thinking. His new hero is Liberace (he saw an old Muppets dvd with him). 
*Extremely creative
*Because of Parker's sensory issues, we don't stand in lines at Disneyland. We earned it.
*Amazingly sensitive to the Spirit. I'm in awe of this.
*And cute as a button.

The Bad and the Ugly: 
*He cycles...he has super weeks, and then for no reason, spirals into horrific behavior, nervous ticks, and he's not Parker. We have charted diet, sleep, changes....can't figure it out. If we could, we could cure autism. He's in this phase now (groan). 
*No insurance coverage for Autistic therapies...this is a huge bite. Plus, you name the therapy, I have tried it. Cranio-Sacral, Energy workers, Social Skills classes, etc, etc, etc.
*Medication...this has been a roller coaster that makes me ill. We had such a bad run with some medication last year that I cry when I think what it did to him. He's now on a pretty good mix for his anxiety and nervous ticks, but I'm too afraid to deal with the ADD aspect of it. No more meds. 
*The huge amount of time it takes from my other kids. I feel bad for Quinn and Emi. They always obey and accomplish their tasks, but I have to focus 100% on Parker to get him through.  I hate dragging them to therapy week after week to sit in a waiting room.
* Rude, ignorant people. Bill and I try to educate people about it because a lot of people don't know about AS, but I have encountered more RUDE and AWFUL people concerning my son. We have also encountered true angels, so I guess there is a flip side.  
*Knowing your son is not "part of the gang" at school and church. He used to do sports with the ward kids, but he struggled. It's hard to have the 1 kid that doesn't participate. 
*And yes...the embarrassment. This is my biggest fault. I embarrass easy, and it's hard when Parker has done something mean to another kid or inappropriate at school. It's hard for me to hold my head high when he does, but I do. 

Bill and I are very social people. It's a mystery to me why I was given a child who has no sense of social graces and has no need for other people. However, the other day, he was nervous for a playdate with an old friend. He was in tears.....and I was actually able to calm him down and give him good ideas of what to do. He was so happy. This was the first time in years I felt like I was supposed to be his mom. Believe me, this post could go on FOREVER, but let's not do that. I've ranted and pity-partied enough for one day. It's cathartic to write this down. One day, I may forget how it was. Some days, I hope I do.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Now, I ask you....

Is there really any problem so great or small that half a gallon of Dreyer's Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie ice cream won't fix? I submit that there is not.

Enjoy your Sunday....