Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boring post about a great weekend

no pictures tonight....I'm too tired. And my computer is being a dork.

But, ahhh, a nice holiday weekend:
Thanksgiving at my mom's house is always a major treat. Her southern cornbread stuffing is amazing....most southern stuff is gross (okre, butterbeans, etc) but this is SO good. Someday, I'll post the recipe. She has way more side dishes than necessary, and everyone of them is awesome. I wish we could just spread it out over 4 days. Joyce's family was there as well as Anne, Kip, and Brady. Really fun group.

Emi got sick Friday, so most out-in-public plans were squashed. We still went to my mom's to do the traditional gingerbread boys. Parker made an old man, cub scout, mickey mouse, and piano player gingerbread boy, and Emi made Belle, Minnie Mouse, Li-Li, beach girl, Michael Phelps, and a blackbird dancer gingerbread girl. Cute, cute.

Saturday consisted of raking leaves, attending a nice funeral, putting Emi's birthday party bags together, making a gingerbread house (DON'T buy the Willy Wonka brand....horrible frosting...kept dripping....looks like a snowman ran face first into the house) and decorated the Santa tree. I will post about that later. It's a great tree, if I do say so myself.

Hope everyone had a super holiday. I didn't do one inkling of shopping. I hope to get to that soon. Happy December!


brooke said...

I agree that most southern dishes are nasty but your mother is a great cook and I bet her food is delicious. I think your kids' choices for gingerbread men is really funny--Michael Phelps?? I didn't do any shopping either. I'm a shopper but I'm not about to face the crowds and the prospect of getting trampled at Walmart.

Edwards Family said...

Sounds like your holiday was really nice! Thanks so much for the house warming gift. I LOVED it!! We'll be putting up Christmas decorations this weekend so I'll be sure it's on display :)

Marrdy said...

Wow,hat a weekend. Hope Emi is feeling better. It was a nice funeral. Gloria deserved to be remembered for who she was and not for what she had become. She's a lovely person. BTW addres is PO Box 95736, So. Jordan 84095. Don't know why I couldn't remember that!

Amy said...

Love the description of the snowman running face first into the gingerbread house. I want pictures of that!