Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have always been amazed with how our senses can transport us back in time....instantly. There is often no thought required, it just instantly comes. The last few weeks have been rough around here, so it's been nice transporting back to simpler times:

The 1996 song "Breakfast at Tiffanys"....heard it this morning. It transported me back to a BYU cheer trip to ASU and doing flips in the hotel swimming pool.

The Cake song "Short skirt and Long Jacket" (heard it yesterday) transported me to one of the many long California drives Bill and I did in our single days. I say single...we were married, just no kids yet. Those drives were somehow funner than they are now! Best line: "With fingernails that shine like justice" it.

Red Cherry popcicles....the ones with a lot of sugar ( not the sugar-free ones I eat now). That will always be swim lessons at the Canyon Racquet Club. I don't remember much about the lessons, I just remember it always came with red cherry popcicles.

I was talking to a friend at church when the smell of London Study Abroad came to was my friend's hand lotion. Stacey and I fell in love with an Escada fragrance (summer in province?) while in London and I have never been able to find that scent again. Bath and Body Works has a scent called "Velvet Tuberose" that is SO similiar. I felt like I was back in Harrods! (What's a tuberose?)

It's rare that I can walk into an elementary school and not be transported back to Eastwood Elementary. They have similiar smells. You would only notice the smell in September, and then would become used to it. My house has a similiar thing.....when I get home from vacations, it smells like when we first moved in. Parker always notices it. It's a good smell, just one I only notice after being away.

Noxema.....ummmmm. It's Coronado. I don't even know if they sell it anymore since I have switched to aloe vera.

Any song I've ever danced to will instantly transport me back to that time. I can often remember moves when I hear the music.

"Close Your Eyes" by James Taylor (heard it 2 days ago). One of his older songs, and I always loved it. I played it a few days after Parker was diagnosed with aspergers. It totally defines that time of life for me and put a few things in perspective at the time. Whenever I hear it, 4 years ago is back in a flash. Great song.....but of course, it's JT.

Any "memory-inducing" senses for any of you?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Kaleidoscope of Colors....My Dance Recital

There's Emi...the star "Blackbird" of the show!
Yeah! It's over and it went so great this year. Happy me....and tired. I need a break! I have amazing dancers and super support. It makes it so fun!
"Pink Panthers"
"True Blue"
"Men In Black"
"Black Velvet"
"Rainbow Connection"
"Pink Cadillac"
not pictured were Yellow Rose of Texas, Purple Giraffes, Brown-eyed Girls, Golden Slumbers, Blue, Fields of Gold, Play that Funky Music White Boy, Hazel Eyes.....and oh yeah...the teacher dance "True Colors". Jen and Jana might kill me if I posted those!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Parker's Peeps!

Today was the "Utah Walk for Autism". Out team was "Parker's Peeps" and we had a ball! Above is a picture of our super supporters.....thanks to Grandma, Grandpa, the Hoppers, and the McCulloughs for walking with us. Also.....thanks to Stacey, the Keslers, John/Jennifer Newman, Michelle, Cort, Dave, Ian, Mandy, Mary, the Jensen family, and Trina for donating to the cause!!! Your support means THE WORLD to us. Let us know when we can do the same for you!

This was my favorite moment....the skydivers just about ran us down. Scary, but memorable.

Emi likes to keep a close eye on anyone dressed up in a costume.....she wouldn't even approach the storm troopers....unlike Chip and her dad.

Yea Parker! What a great, well planned, "geared to the kids" event! So much fun for them.