Sunday, August 31, 2008

Never, Never, Never

Well, I was lucky enough to be whisked away for a night in Deer Valley with my hubby to celebrate 10 years since we got engaged. It was wonderful to get away, even for just a short time.

Let me tell you about a quick conversation I had while away. I had been reading by the pool and got up to go back to the room. Mind you, I'm wearing a swimsuit. Well, this older lady approaches me and says, "How far along are you?!"...........................Tears sprung to my eyes and I sucked my tummy in and said, "EXCUSE ME?". She then pointed to my book and said, "How far along are you in "Breaking Dawn"? I'm only on the third book".

So, there is a little lesson there.....NEVER ask someone how far along they are unless you specify what you are talking about. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day Fun and Fires!

Yes, we are back to school and all that goes along with it. Parker is enjoying his new class so far and Emi had her first official "no mom" kindergarten day today. She loved it! Yesterday threw me right into the frying is just a quick rundown of everything that happened!

  • Parker's brand-new lunch box zipper ripped right off as I was closing it. Yeah for Target for returning it, even with his name "sharpied" on it.

  • On the first (there were three) drive to school, I somehow lost my car keys, but did find them quickly

  • I got home, and the basement bathroom had flooded as a result of a broken sprinkler...yes, the one we had just fixed on Saturday. Hallelujah for tile floor!

  • I spilled baked beans all over the kitchen floor. Hallelujah for tile floor!
  • Quinn fell down the bottom 3 stairs....not Hallelujah for tile floors! Poor guy!

  • Took Emi to Kindergarten orientation....the second trip to school. As we were leaving to get Quinn, noticed a little puff of smoke in the mountains above the kids school...hmmmm. Glad to see Parker out at lunch recess, now knowing he didn't start the fire!
  • Got Quinn, headed back to school for a third trip to school to pick up carpool for early out day. I become engulfed in smoke! Fastest fire I've ever seen.

  • Went husbandless to Wendy's for dinner with the kids to celebrate first day of school. I let Quinn down as much Diet Coke as he wanted....he had to be in the car all day and I took pity on the boy!

  • Finally, I plopped into bed to start "Breaking Dawn"....zonked out after 5 pages.

Back to the rat race......I'm just tired of being the head rat!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why do I still feel it wasn't enough?

Summer is about to draw to a close...just one more week until school kicks in. We have had a fun and busy summer, but why do I still feel I'm not doing enough with my kids during their time off? Here is the list of activities we have done:
  1. Legoland
  2. Padres Game
  3. 5 full days on the beach
  4. Zoo
  5. Children's Museum
  6. Thanksgiving Pointe Farm
  7. Aquarium
  8. Boating
  9. Sleeping under the stars with my sis and watching movies on the gigantic movie screen.
  10. Countless playdates
  11. hours of Wii fit tournemants (I ROCK at ski jumping.....seriously, I'm good at it!)
  12. hours at the library
  13. biking, jeeping, and razor scooting the neighborhood
  14. Staying in Grandpa S.'s RV for the night
  15. Cousin time, many parties/BBQ's, firework displays

Granted, this summer has also had the boring things like countless grocery store trips (with 3 kids...who doesn't love that?), hours of AS therapy, and house scrubbing. But, come on....why do I feel like I have to fit 10,000 more activities into next week!?! They have toys, don't they?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

That's Entertainment!

We are reaching the point of the summer when my bag of tricks has almost run out, yet I am always amazed at what will entertain a child.....Emi decides to entertain herself by dressing up as a fancy lady....Parker decides to dress up a camera tripod and name it "Tall-E" (to be said with the correct Wall-E voice inflection). This thing has proved even more humorous to him because it keeps scaring the bejeebies out of me when I walk downstairs. I swear it's real. Parker thinks that is hilarious...until he freaked out when he walked upstairs Saturday morning. Perhaps I will move "Tall-E" into his bedroom in the middle of the night and see what that does to him. Serves him right!
Here is Emi at the Hopkins BBQ in Park City the other night. They entertained themselves for an hour by turning on and off the bounce house. Thanks again, Carey, for having us up (and 22 children) to eat and play. Sorry that we all ended up in your bedroom with Julie watching Olympics and using your massager!
And then there's Quinn....stick him in a swing and he's happy forever. The one sock is result of a wasp sting on his toe...thanks to former lifeguard Jenn who knew how to treat it right!
I will now try to entertain myself by simultaneously watching Olympic Gymnastics, unloading my dishwasher, and finishing "Eclipse" so that no one will spoil "Breaking Dawn" for me!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Girls....

Here we sister, her girls, and my mom....hanging out in Jackson Hole. This is Hidden Falls...I could have sat in the misty coolness all day. We had a super time hiking, whitewater rafting (those pics to come), eating chocolate treats, seeing the shootout (of which my mom performed in some 50 years ago when she worked in Jackson for the summer), shopping, and giggling. I had a great time, ladies. Let's do it again SOON!
(yep...I'm the tall one...unusual for me!)