Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coronado pics....a heck of a lot of them!

Well, I returned on Sunday from 10 or so great days in Coronado, my home away from home. It was a bit cool this year, like the coldest it has been since 1912 (for a first week of July). Still, not too bad and it's still paradise for me.

Highlights: The amazing beds in the condo, Sheerwater dinner with Bill, impromptu fireworks during my dinner with Bill, no sunburns, Toy Story 3, running everyday along the beach ( I love sea level running), time with my cute parents (so glad my dad could get there this year), watching retro Muppets videos with my kids at night, digging huge holes in the sand, NOT being prego this year, the parade, Mootime Creamery, being waited on at the pool, cousins, watching Quinn jump waves, watching Parker and Emi boogie board, and watching Macy enjoy her first trip to the beach.

Lowlights: Dragging sweatshirts to the beach and then dragging WET sweatshirts back from the beach, seagulls attacking my kids' dinner at Seaport Village (they are mortified ...think "The Birds"), chilly weather, sea weed, Emi and her infamous car sickness, and oh yeah....ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE! (and then having to drive over Coronado bridge right after it).

Here are some of my million pictures:

(Darth has let himself go)

watching fireworks

The King and Queen of the beach (with the princess)

Macy with her phone, catching the rays....

Parker and cousin Josh playing gigantic Connect 4

Free hair braiding for the girls!


yeah...I know.