Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dancing Through the Decades

Well, it's been 10 days since recital, so I just might have recovered by now. Maybe not. But at least I'm finally posting some pics.

(Note to self....I cannot let recital season come again without a better camera. I need to get a little more high tech with my photography. iPhones and quick snap cameras don't do the job on a stage. Sorry for fuzzy pics)

My theme was recycled; "Dancing Through the Decades". Super easy to come up with songs, just tricky narrowing it down. I had 3 dances that I spliced 3 songs together because I couldn't decide. I did this theme 6 years ago and re-used a few dances. That was nice to have a teeny bit less work on my shoulders.

So....it was great I must say. My girls are great and they have a super spirit about them. I can honestly say I love everyone of my dancers.

Macy's first recital! I'm so very proud. She did the same dance that Emi did 6 years ago.....awwwww!

(Not all dances are shown....must secure me some better pictures of them. Missing "A Tribute to Silent Film". "Puttin' on the Ritz", "Happy Days are Here Again", and "Rock Around the Clock"
Over the Rainbow (30's)

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (40's)

You are My Sunshine (40's)

Macy in Earth Angel (50's)
She will sing it for you if you want =-)

Dream (50's)

Smile (50's)
Respect (60's)

Surfin' USA (60's)

Emi is my bunny in Superstition (70's). This is my fun dance with the older girls. It seriously was my favorite silly dance ever. We had 10 superstitions people had to find in the dance. They stole Emi's bunny foot as a good luck charm.

I like to involve the whole family in recital, though Quinn would have nothing of it. Parker stepped up to be the "mother" whose back gets broke from a crack in the sidewalk. Thanks buddy!

Something In the Way She Moves (70's)

Jessica's Theme (80's)
My lovely Emi....It's really hard to run a recital when I'm tearing up backstage because she looks so beautiful. 

A blurry look at We've Got the Beat (80's)

Forever 80's ( I mixed "Forever Young", "What I Like About You", and "Livin' on a Prayer" )

We teachers even danced. We pulled our grunge out a little and did "Better Man". Go 90's

Everybody Vogue to the Rhythm (3 songs....90's)

Shake it Emi!

Defining Peace (today)
A lovely, lovely piece by Jenn. She is sadly retiring after 9 years on and off at the studio. She will be sorely missed!

A Thousand Years (today)

I let my 5 oldest classes bow. 

Yea....we finally get a pic together in the parking lot. That's a happy Liz right there.

My insanely amazing teaching staff. So glad I have them.

So....bam! Done! Onto to other stuff. Like sleep....finally!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

10 reasons why my mommy is the best.......

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in my life. I'm constantly watching and observing your lives (and your far superior mothering skills) and just trying to catch a slice of it to put into my own little life.

But, really, I have the best mom. All of you think you do, but mine truly is the best.

It's hard to find a picture of my mom as she hates getting her picture just as much as I do.

Here's why:
1. The fact that she told me to rest up today and don't worry about a gift or any celebration today. Mother's Day always falls the Sunday before my recital, and she is so thoughtful to not add one more thing to my list. I will make it up to her!

2. (Again, with the recital). She took all 4 kids to "This is the Place" park on Friday (as they had a day off school) so that I could prepare for one of my dress rehearsals later that day. It replaced the mommy guilt that I feel for working this time of year. They loved all the baby animals and fun things to do. She is Super-Grandma, to say the very least. I'm the youngest, as was my mom, so my grandparents were quite old when I was little. My relationship with them wasn't at all like the one my parents have with my kids. They are such a part of their lives and I wouldn't want it any other way. Oh yeah...then she drove them out to my house, babysat, annnnnnnnddddddd MADE DINNER! We all know how much I love that because I suck at cooking.

3. It isn't like she just does this "watching kids" thing once a year. She has been a part of my kids' "Thursday-Life" since they were born. She comes out in the afternoon on Thursdays when I teach my big block of classes and helps with homework, piano, and dinner. Priceless.

4. Other than my husband, she's the first person to make sure I'm surviving things. Women just know when other women need things. It's nice to not always have to ask for things. It's probably why she has the most loyal friends and family.

5. She always let me be me. My mom always supported me in dance and didn't think it was weird to make a career out of it. She even spent one whole day at Disney World locked in a hotel room with other mothers fixing our prop top hats that hadn't survived the flight when my drill team went to Nationals. That's love. We were always free to believe how we did about issues and politics which I really appreciate. She didn't even get too upset when I married a Republican.

6. Since my dad's stroke, she has taken on the role of my dad's caretaker and has really done it well. We all know how hard it is on her and try to help, but she just plugs on and does it. I learned to appreciate this when I took over the role during her knee surgery (and subsequent femur break). She's a busy gal and we all love her for it. My mom is also an amazing sister to her brothers. One in particular.

7. My mom loves to splurge a bit. Not recklessly by any means, but will always do the extra things to make everything special.  My daughter's always have the cutest clothes, but I have nothing to do with it.

8. Her example as a working mother has made it easier for me to be a working mother. She was so, so busy, but we were always first. There was never a question about that. I have huge mommy guilt for working, especially this time of year, but her help is why I can work and know that my kids are in better hands than normal.

9. My mom isn't afraid of trying new things like texting, new phones, computers, etc......it does REALLY stress her out when they don't work, but she's super "with-it" (as her generation says).

10. My mom gets things done. End of story. She takes care of it so WATCH OUT ZCMI! (hee hee)

Anyway....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my sweet mom! I love you!