Friday, November 14, 2008

Food storage....bleehh!

Well, I finally crossed something off my summer to-do list. I got into my food storage and organized it up a bit. I had a lot of out-of-date stuff to discard. I loaded up on many staples (coke is a staple) at Costco and feel just a wee bit more sound if there was an emergency. However, food storage is very depressing to me. Is my life going to come to eating the 35 cans of beans I have stored? I am not a bean fan. Will my family really be forced to eat the wheat I grind with my unopened electric wheat grinder (if there is electricity to cook the bread, there will be electricity to grind the wheat!)? Will dried apple slices and beef jerky be my only form of treats? Will I be able to convince my children that they cannot be picky or they will die of starvation? Will I be sent to Hell because I will inevitably have to steal my neighbors food storage (Sheri...the food storage Queen!)?
Here are some questions I send out to the universe to help me finish this project. I could google these things, but I trust the collective mind of my "blogiverse" more:
  • Is there any way of storing eggs or egg substitutes?
  • Is the dry pack the best deal of dried milk?
  • Will the leftover Halloween candy save for awhile?
  • What are your best food storage secrets?

Thanks for the help...I really hate this. I would much rather be doing ANYTHING else.


Karen said...

umm... sorry I'm no help with food storage questions. I'm stuck in the "where do I even begin" mode. Good question on the baking bread thing though. Will we be reduced to cooking bread over a fire??? yikes. I'm so dead.

brooke said...

I need this post. I will be watching your comments for answers to all my questions. If I am reduced to eating that 3500 calorie bar in my 72 hour kit--I can't even imagine how desperate I will have become. Sam just wants me to shoot him if it ever comes to that. I have heard that the dry milk from the cannery is the best tasting around--I have it--never tried it. I bought some dried eggs and dried egg whites in the #10 cans at emergency essentials--once again, never tried 'em. If the big one hits, I've got girl scout cookies, diet coke, bottled water and a lot of wheat--bring it on!

Marrdy said...

I think candy should last forever. When you're hungry you can always eat a five year old snickers, right?

I think I'll go for Fry Bread instead of reall bread since I'm with you, I don't think there will be electricity.

Hannah said...

I came across your blog when I was doing some food storage research.

If you ever need any food storage tips or ideas, feel free to visit our blog! It's a step-by-step guide to food storage and emergency preparedness. We also have LOTS of recipes that use food storage (non-perishable) food only.

Good luck with your food storage! Please feel free to email us if you have any questions!

Hannah @

Amy said...

I've of no help here. I don't can. I don't like beans. I have wheat, but I don't have a grinder. I'm screwed.

youreprettytoo said...

I'm just wondering if your renewed interest in food storage has anything to do with our newly elected president! Just trying to stir that political pot!;) I think our new president will do great and good luck with your food storage. we have some overachieving emergency preparedness specialists in our ward and they just handed out recipes to use powdered milk and eggs in. If you want them- let me know!

Ashley said...

Hi Liz! I'm so glad to find your blog again. I have felt like a bonehead ever since I told you "you never post!" at Katie's shower in June--turns out I thought I had you on my bloglines and I didn't! I have been mortified ever since, but couldn't remember your blog address. Anyway, now I can add you and get myself back in the loop. (I know, I know, I'm an idiot.

I got a similar comment from Hannah (commenter above) when I did a recent food storage stuff. My best advice is to read her blog! It's funny and pretty down to earth. I have learned a lot about food storage. I haven't put any of it into practice yet--but someday!

Your last post about Mark's sordid past was hilarious! Tell him congrats on the new gig. He will be an amazing bishop.

Anonymous said...

Hey it is me, Anne. What we have done recently is buy those big buckets at Costco that contain enough food for 3 months (I think it says 90 day supply). You just have to boil water (which could be done on a fire in the back yard if necessary). Then of course, you need a lot of water. It is not our only source of food storage, but I am sure it will be what we eat first. Also...yes halloween candy can be stored for a long time. We have lots of candy in our food storage. That is actually what we will probably eat first: )