Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun...Now it's done!

This is how I feel after Halloween is finally over.....I do love the holiday, but I'm done. I'm done doing the "Monster Mash", "Pumpkin-Patch-Polka", and "Thriller" in my dance classes. I'm done with spiders, gore, and ghosts and ooooohhhhh so much candy tempting me all the time.

Here's my cute, out-of-focus, children. They had just trick-or-treated at Bill's work, but were ready for more. Apparently, they ran the whole way.

Quinn (with a headless Grandpa S.) was nervous about trick-or-treating, but quickly found it to his liking.

Parker, hard at work on Halloween. Please ignore Bill's empty office. He just moved there and I haven't had time to add my womanly touch.

I was lucky enough to help with Emi's school party. Such a cute age.....except for the little boy who downed 2 entire bottles of my sprinkles.
Parker's baptism was today....I'm too tired to do that post tonight, but will get to it soon. Happy November....please don't play the Christmas music yet. I'm not ready to face it.


brooke said...

I love that photo of Parker (as the old man) sitting at Bill's desk. Classic. The kids are adorable and Halloween has definately worn out it's welcome! Bring on the good holidays!

Marrdy said...

I do love Parker's costume. Everytime I think about Emi running away with a crochety old man I totally crack up!!

Camblins said...

your kids looks so cute and looks like you guys had a fun halloween!