Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can you believe she's 1?

Well...I can't. She is the sweetest creature on the planet and I can't get enough of her.

10 things I love about Macy right now:

1. She burrows her fuzzy little head into your chest when you hold her....so great.
2. She says "mamama" when she babbles. I'm taking it as her first word.

3. Macy has great rhythm. She totally bounces to the beat with any music. She'll hang with me in the studio while I'm making up dances, and the girl can groove.

4. She loves her pig. She sleeps with it all the time.

5. Best legs ever....I've never really had the chubby baby thing. I squish her legs all day.

6. Super eater...as you can tell from the cake pictures, she is adventurous. My mom says that means she will be creative!
7. The blue eyes.
8. Her ability to destroy a room in 30 seconds flat. She can pull stuff out quicker than you can get it back in. She found the box of 96 crayons yesterday...wow!

9. She tolerates the annoying 3 older siblings that constantly smother her. In all fairness, they tolerate her piano duets she does with them while they are practicing.

10. She love anything that will make her bounce...couches, cars, music.

Ummm...she's the best. I love her dearly. Happy (belated) Birthday, baby girl!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gripes for a Wednesday

1. There should be a special class to teach drivers how to go around a round-a-bout. I drive through one several times a day and I get so frustrated with people who can't figure it out.

2. Having to undo the entire car seat if your baby throws up in it. Takes forever!

3. Telemarketers asking for donations

4. All the little aspen trees that pop up everywhere in my flower beds.

5. Macy's runny nose....no teeth yet. I'd love for her to have something to show for all her pain.

6. Babies who used to sleep through the night....that now don't.

7. 3 year old temper tantrums

8. 7 year old temper tantrums

9. Back-handed compliments....("oh Liz, your looking good. Last time I saw you, you still had your baby tummy"....I saw her a month ago)

10. Tomatoes that won't turn red.

11. 4th grade boys who don't write their school assignments down.

12. Tivo on the blitz

13. Arthritic hips

14. The little green "done" light on my dishwasher. It means I have to unload.

15. My washing machine that needs CPR to keep it going. I'm not kidding...I take 2 hands and press down on the lids to move it to the rinse cycle. I have stuck a 20 lb weight on the lid, and sometimes that helps.

Thanks...I'm done venting now!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things I could blog about today.....

1. How to totally ignore a grumpy baby.
2. How to TRY to ignore a grumpy 3 year old.
3. Church....with 4 kids.....three hours of what "spirit prison" must be like.
4. Why bishopric members get fat.
5. My journey with a certain black widow.
6. Treasures I have found while cleaning my storage room.
7. Sunday dinner last week=gourmet cooking from grandma.
8. Sunday dinner this week= leftovers from mommy.
9. Does Quinn have a mute button? There is a big horse on the Ghost Falls trail that discovered he didn't.
10. My darling 7 year old/demon. What happened to my angel?
11. 2 weeks until I take class from tWitch, Lauren, and Comfort (woo hoo!)
12. Exercise is overrated. That's why we have Spanks.
13. How to make a killer "Mormon Mojito"
14. Unemployed husband=messier house.
15. Partying it up with my neighbors.
16. I do not consider Costco a getaway.
17. I really do love my children, though I have no reason to.
18. The list of stuff I will buy when Bill is back in a job.
19. BYU choked.
20. Social Kiva...what is it and when will it pay the bills.
21. I love me some Green Tea.
22. New ways to wipe my babies yucky nose.
23. Role reversal: Emi vs. Parker, Liz vs. Bill
24. My ghetto mailbox drama.
25. September 11 still makes me crazy sad. Almost like it happened yesterday.
26. Mourning the baby clothes.
27. How to turn your kitchen floor into an ice rink using vegetable oil....twice.
28. Where's the teeth?
29. Macy, the grass princess
30. Parker is the prime example of the pot calling the kettle black.
31. Bill does an amazing Dr. Doofenschmirz impression. You really must see it.
32. Why Liz is walking sideways today.
33. I envy my cat.

I guess that's it. Should I expand on any of these, or just let them be?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

August 2010

Well, here is the last of my summer re-cap. I'm just a teeny bit impressed with all we did, but I'll try to not to get a big head about it.

More swim classes...after crying for mom the first day, he sucked it up and became a GREAT little swimmer.
Not even sure how to describe this one....I run a dance studio. Props and costumes are everywhere.
Macy is the world's cutest sleeper. She loves her piggy.
We were lucky enough to go to the opening night of "Lion King". So amazing. I saw it in NY before I was married, and it was so fun to take Parker and Emi to it.
Quinn started pre-school. I have a cuter shot than this, but it showed too many name tags with first and last names. Darned stalkers ruin it for everyone!
The ward campout. This is the bishopric performing "My Little Buttercup". There is oodles of talent seeping through these men.
Emi went to a wedding party. WOOOOW is all I can say. She's got great friends.
We ate lots and lots of fresh corn. Sucks with braces, but I'm making it work. Yummmmm.
Cowabunga Bay. Went on the world's most crowded day, but still great.
Grandma came to observe......

Macy is everywhere, into everything, and all-around crazy!
My friend's dad set this up at the library for a day. Parker was in Heaven!
And then school had to start and ruin it all.
Cubs started up again, with Parker getting his Bear. Here I am getting pinned. All I can say is ouch!
So...here we are in September. I'm ready for it. Bring it on school, work, lessons, homework, and schedules. I can take it!