Monday, February 28, 2011

Girly stuff

Here is a picture of Emi at the exact same age as Macy is now:

She was my little girl...she stood still for pictures, smiled when I asked her to, made all appropriate doggy/kitty sounds when asked. This was very refreshing after Hurricane Parker hit. I thought this was how all little girls were.

Ummmm, nope.
Can't keep a handle on this one at all. She's everywhere. This is her running circles around my driveway. Macy is curious and crazy. She's up, she's down, she's all around. She's in toilets. She's in garbage cans sucking down leftover drinks. She's trying to grab her poopy diaper before I can get it off her bum. She used to say doggy and kitty sounds, but now does this silly heavy breathing thing whenever asked. Any body part you ask her, she will touch her hair and laugh her head off because she knows she's wrong. Macy giggles in glee if you have to chase her through Blockbuster. She's truly a bubbly little blonde.
I'm not sure I'm ready for this again. I have 3 others to keep up with as well.

She did, however, sit very still for her first haircut with Natalie.
In other girl related news, about 3 weeks ago, I took Emi on a mommy/daughter ski day. The boys had done one the week before with perfect sunny weather. We were not so lucky. It was the coldest day I have ever skied. Winds were crazy and visibility sucked. We ended up going to the bunny hill because it was kind of shielded with trees. Needless to say, she wasn't thrilled about the whole event. She was even less thrilled to find out that her friends had gone to a special "American Girl" Valentine party at the library while we were freezing our tails off at the ski resort. I felt soooo bad that I hadn't had the forsight to make a better choice.

A mother's guilt (when it has to do with her daughter) is a big deal. I searched everywhere to see if this party was being done at any other library. It was, but right during one of the classes I taught. In steps my wonderful mother! She saved the day and took Emi to the other library. ANNNNNNDDDD....Emi got chosen to wear one of the costumes. Wait, it gets better. She was chosen to be Felicity. This was her first AG doll. The guilt gods were smiling upon me that night. She was so happy. There is redemption.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's new with me

1. was the lovely kind that is fluffy and doesn't stick to your driveway. I didn't have to go anywhere in it. Snow is welcome for about 7 more days, then I will really hate it.
2. Macy has moved to 1 nap. This is her as tired as can be after church. This one nap thing has made her wake up about an hour earlier than normal. I don't understand it. Poor thing is trying so hard to stay awake. In other news, Quinn has moved to no naps, so I'm basically accomplishing nothing!

3. I lost my sanctuary. Bill works from home most days. This is not permanent and I will truly miss the benefits when it's over, but I've lost my master bedroom. My office space (truly, the greatest part of my house) is perfect for me and my studio. Wouldn't be great for him as it doesn't close off. As happy as I was that Macy was a girl, it meant all bedrooms were going to be actual bedrooms. Sorry honey. I used to have this lovely corner in my this is what I see. I listen to these conference calls and have gotten to know people through their accents and voices. It's a strange little world.
4. My new FAVORITE THING! This watercolor. I kept seeing it and really felt it was for me. Sounds corny, but I know I was supposed to have it. This is how I've always pictured babies coming from the pre-existence. I cry when I look at it. Like everytime. I can stare at it forever. It's by Brian Kershisnik and I love it, love it, love it.
5. Recital stuff is in full swing. Costumes are all over my house and my creative juices are a-flowin. It's a big pain but it's MY big pain and I really love it.

6. My new knit cardigan from Down East. No one was home to snap the pic. It goes great with jeans, sweats, and skirts.
7. Emi's long lost slipper...has anyone seen it? I feel like I've searched all weekend for it. She's devastated.

8. Teeth in ........
...and teeth out.
9. A lot of kids have been hard. I will say it's not me always yelling. They are just noisy. Probably cause they are cooped up a lot these days. They yell, I yell, Macy has a piercing scream that leaves my deaf. I'm ready to throw them all into the backyard. Parker has pressed every last button on me and I'm just trying to remain sane. February is always his worst month of the year. We can't explain it, but every year, it hits like a hurricane.

10. A beautiful new necklace from Bill. It's got the SL temple on the front and says "Together Forever" on the back. It was hanging from my rear view mirror yesterday. I really, really needed it. Not to end on a bad note, but it's been a hard few months for me. It's a big mix of being highly overwhelmed, stressed, big-time anxiety, and a bit down. No biggie. Just nice to know I have someone cute in my court. Love you, honey!

What's new with all of you? (Who's really reading this...I want to know!)