Monday, December 26, 2011

The Rest of the December Fun! (now let me sleep!)

Christmas is a marathon. It's getting more so with every passing year. I spent today focused on my studio and it was really quite nice to not do something "Christmasy"

We made reindeer root beers for the kid's friends.
Macy has discovered dress ups.
We went to our white elephant party with our friends. I won't put the pics on the blog. Wouldn't want to incriminate anyone....

But during the party, we fell victim to the Santa Head. This Santa head has been swapped mysteriously from our house and our neighbors. Well, somehow they got inside and left this in my bedroom. Scared me to DEATH.
We did something new! My mom and I took the kids downtown to the Grand America to a penguin treasure hunt. Really, really cute and they loved it. It ends is "Joux Joux", an adorable new toy shop.

Bill and I took the kids to the Temple Square...aka Sardine Square. I hate crowds, and it seems to be getting worse. It's almost not worth it anymore. The gingerbread maker in Deseret Book was fun, though.
Bill's sister's family came to Christmas Eve dinner. Really nice. Macy hops into her seat for dinner 20 minutes before it's ever ready.
Our neighbor gave us luminaire materials. It kept Emi busy, which is always nice. Growing up, we did this and I really liked it. Too bad there was no snow. I can almost guarantee we'll have snow for Easter!
I'm so in love with my new stockings. I've been searching for good ones for years now. I love the classiness of these. Simple. I should have been smart and named my kids Noah, Olivia, Edward, and Lori so that it would have spelled NOEL. Too bad. Bill and I have the stockings too, but when I bought my holders, I never dreamed I'd have 4 kids.
Quinn was very determined that we got just the right cookies for Santa. Yes, that is a Diet Coke for Santa. My kids don't even question it anymore.
Once again, no snow. New sled. Lame!

Macy would not take off the Elmo backpack from her cousin. She even took a nap with it.
Emi made Quinn a really big scarf.
Santa gave Quinn a REALLY big race track. I think Santa really wanted it for himself when he saw it at Toys R Us, but decided to "give" it to Quinn. What do you think?


brooke said...

Where did you get your stockings? so cute.

I want to do that penguin hunt at the Grand America next year. Remind me!

I'm glad we passed on temple square. I don't do cold or crowds so that place is out on both counts.

I love your xmas morning pics...I can tell Bill loves the track.

And you're right..we will definately have snow for Easter. Utah is wacked!

Monika said...

What a fun month for your kids, not so much for mom, but I am sure we will look back on the memories and be grateful for all the work.

pan x 8 said...

I love that penguin hunt at the Grand America, I'll try it next year with maybe the younger ones! And I may totally steal your Cute Rootbeer Reindeer idea for next year!

Looks like Christmas was a great success! Have a Happy New Year Liz!