Monday, December 5, 2011

Emi.....9 years old

Emi turns 9 tomorrow... this is totally beyond comprehension to me. 9 years ago I became a mom to a daughter which is one of the coolest things to be in my opinion. This is a picture of the PJ party last Friday. Wow. Funnest (and loudest) group of girls on the planet.

A few things I love about Emi right now:

1- She is crazy responsible. I've been busy with mini-dance recitals this week, and she just gets going on homework and her other projects without any assistance. She also babysat Macy while I was downstairs. She probably could have whipped up dinner given the chance.

2-She loves soft, fuzzy stuff. Pillows, blankets, fur vests, sleeping bags, bathrobes, new towels, etc. Emi is all over it.

(age 2 1/2)

3. Emi is a crack up. She's kind of quiet in a crowd (except with girlfriends), but does pull a zinger or two when it really counts. She's so funny, and in a smart way.

4. Emi is all girl. I love this. She is great to shop with, decorate with, and her new thing is that she loves to help me get ready for parties.

5. She is a good and loyal friend (most of the time). She loves her friends matter what.
6. Emi is super sister. I cheer when Emi is done with homework because I have someone to occupy my babies. Which she mostly loves. Everyone has their breaking point.

7. The poor girl throws up on every trip in the car, but she is such a good patient. You don't hear a word of complaint. Love her.

8. Oh yeah....she's gorgeous!

9. She is the sweetest girl ever. She leaves me notes on my computer or pillow that say "I love you, mom". Nothing beats that. Love my sweet, gentle, mousy, intelligent, beautiful, and righteous daughter. Happy birthday, baby girl.


brooke said...

She is beautiful and so sweet. I love soft fuzzy things too. You are so lucky to have such a great daughter! Happy birthday Emi!

Jensen said...

Awww. Emi is so great. I love that 2 1/2 pic. Soooo cute! Those were all my Activity Days girls and I totally agree -- they can be really, really loud. I experienced that in my car last year after an activity. I don't think my ears stopped ringing for days.

pan x 8 said...

Happy Birthday Emi! I think everytime I think of Emi, I see that 2 1/2 yr old! I can't believe she is 9!

Ashley said...

I love that she, like all of us, has a breaking point. I need to pretend Macy is mine, then you and Emi and Brooke and Sammie and me and Macy can go do fun girl things. Can I pay one of them to write me sweet notes?

Monika said...

Oh how we love EMI! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

brooke said...

Your new header photo is to die for. I looove it. And your Xmas letter was hilarious.