Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012...the year of Liz

Yea right, but it's a nice thought.

Before I dive into how this is my year, we've been busy the last few days. We celebrated my dad's 75th birthday by taking him to our favorite Japanese restaurant. Macy didn't make the trip. I had fears of her crawling out onto the hot grill. I was amazed at how well the other kids did with their chopsticks. Grandpa had a great time and we enjoyed being out with him. He told me the other day that he probably can't have a mid-life crisis anymore.

This is what we gave him.

My grandpa Newman was a geologist for the state and created these signs up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and my dad helped get these signs up. Last summer, me and my sis-in-law grabbed a bunch of our grumpy kids and snapped some shots. Glad we finally did it.

Bill's work party was last night. He works with people all over the country, so he gets to meet a lot of people face to face at these parties. All in all, nice people, nice food, and some funny drunk people.

.....and, Bill found my old Little Orphan Annie Halloween costume and made Macy wear it.....

and then Quinn. Wedding video material.

2012. The possible last year of existence, right? So might as well make it mine. 2011 was great for some in my family. And I liked it. I'm generally a happy gal. Bill set a goal in 2011 to do LoToJa, which I fully supported. I'm so happy he did so great, but he would be the first to say that it didn't leave ANY time for Liz goals. Behind every successful man is a woman not accomplishing her goals. I guess that is marriage....just as long as it isn't always one-sided. Bill keeps asking me what my "LoToJa" is. Don't know yet. Biking 206 miles isn't what I want to do. I'm not pregnant, nursing, or ever will be again. I do feel a freedom with this, but I'm just not used to it after 10 years of that.
Basically, my biggest resolution is to put myself first. That sounds SO selfish, but most mothers don't need practice being selfless. I've got that down. But it has left me haggard and tired...and goal-less. So here are a couple:
1-Exercise is top priority. The other stuff will get done somehow.
2-Finally figure out my bad back. I went into another specialist this week and will soon be getting an MRI to find underlying issues. It literally runs my life. I can't take anymore. Whatever it takes!

The rest would bore you, but I will make no apologies for doing stuff for myself this year. When I buy clothes or whatever, I find myself justifying it to Bill. Bill basically says, "Why do you need to validate this?" He's a good husband. Plus he loves to drop money on himself as well.

So....what is my "Everest" this year. I need suggestions!

and P.S....Yeah! It snowed!


Ashley said...

LOVE the line about behind every successful man . . . SO TRUE! Why is it that Tyler can say "I'm going away overnight and all day Saturday to do a humongous bike ride" but I head out to do returns by myself and I feel totally guilty like I need to get home after an hour? That ain't right. I support your goal, amorphous as it may be, and I hope you will entertain and delight us throughout the year with the wonderful selfish things you do!

P.S. Love the thoughtful gift for your dad--perfect example on selflessness at work! (And so glad your dad is doing so well too!)

brooke said...

I laughed out loud at the "behind every successful man is a woman not accomplishing her goals." quote. That should be on a plaque. I think your Lotaja should be a fabulous spa retreat in Napa valley or something. You should train for it by going to the spa every weekend and building up stamina.

That or buying the best wardrobe on the planet. Is it obvious yet why I have never run a marathon?.

youreprettytoo said...

I think you, becky and I need to thoroughly discuss your "Everest" goal over an nice long lunch! When should we do it?

Anonymous said...

I love this post. You are right, the world is going to end so why not make the best of this year? I am loving the suggestions by Brooke. You've got to start training now for your spa day!

Karen said...

Liz, I love the thoughts in this post. And I love how you put them.

You have definitely given me some things to think about. Too much to bore you with in a gigantic comment.

I too look forward to reading about the Year of Liz. You totally deserve it!