Sunday, December 18, 2011

May I just please explain this picture?

The fall is a busy time in my life. I never think to get a decent family pic for my Christmas card, and I end up screaming at my kids to sit still in front of our tree. I thought I was so awesome for actually scheduling an appointment the Monday after Thanksgiving. It was a nice thought. Except Quinn had the bug of all bugs and he was coughing up a lung. I refused to re-schedule. He was trying so hard to be happy between coughs, but it was kind of miserable on all involved. We were lucky to get any somewhat decent shots. But darn it....I paid for them, I'm using them.

That, and I just noticed on my last 10 Christmas cards that Macy had erased a whole line on my Christmas newsletter. So now there is a crappy pic AND I sound stupid. I'm batting 1000 these days.

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