Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Hustle and Bustle of December

I have to admit that I have been a bit "Scroogey" this year. I really was not excited for Christmas this year, mostly because it is such a HUGE amount of work. And it is, but I'm finally feeling a bit better about it. I'm more focused on the meaning after a great lesson today in Young Women's. Even though I've been a Grinch, this didn't stop us from the crazy, busy-ness of Christmas events. And I didn't even take my camera to many of the things. I'm tired just reading this.

Gingerbread boys with Grandma. Big Newman tradition, and my kids are great at it.
We were so lucky to tag along with my dear cousins on the trolley around Thanksgiving Point. Thanks Brooke for arranging it. We loved it.
(the wind was blowing...hence my hair)
Pics with Santa...YEAH! No one cried!
Christmas jammies and tree decorating. Here is where my cold Grinch heart got a bit colder this year. The very well strung lights on the top of my tree completely shorted out last week. It took me 1 1/2 hours to undo the top and restring. Lame. (Somewhere out there, my mom is having a heart attack that Macy is that high up on a ladder. Sorry mom)

Emi's Pajama Party. It involved oodles of snack food, 13 girls, Phineas and Ferb, Twister, and decorated pillow cases. And a LOT of estrogen.
Parker and Quinn were in the cutest nativity ever done at our church. Parker is the wise man and Quinn is the shepherd holding the crook. I should also mention that Bill was roped into the being the star at the last minute. You can sort of see his hand at the top of the pic.
17 mini dance recitals....done!
Duso the Dolphin, the pre-school class pet, came to live with us for a week. Let's just say that Duso is GREAT at hide and seek.
Emi was a mouse in the Nutcracker this year. This part was made for her. Her last scene was her crying because the Mouse King had died. Academy Award worthy performance.

Quinn loves to sing. He shined in his pre-school program.
Gingerbread house

And, I'm basically caught up now. Except for the fact that dinosaurs have taken over one of my nativity sets. Maybe there were dinosaurs abiding in the fields.


Jensen said...

LOVE the pic of the kids on the ladder! I don't think I'll ever stop thinking kids doing a nativity is ADORABLE! And Emi as a mouse is so perfect. LOVE IT!

brooke said...

Emi is the cutest mouse ever and you are a great mom for driving her to all those rehearsals. I loved having you guys do the trolley with us despite the way it went to hell in a hand basket. all of your activities are so that you still do the gingerbread men

Ashley said...

That is so cool about Emi in the Nutcracker! And I was confused for just a second about Bill being the star in the Nativity--first I thought he had the starring role (baby Jesus?) then I realized he's the new star!

P.S. Got your darling Christmas card today! I love Parker and his DI appliances!