Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year of the Liz-recap

Here we are...the last day of 2012. And it's not December 21st. I decided to be completely selfish this year and deem it "The Year of the Liz".

I have to say....IT WAS GREAT!

Perfect.....noooooo. In fact, there were several set-backs that we didn't see coming. There were some extremely tough moments, days, weeks, even months that were trial-ridden and unexpected. Problems that have developed in my life that I feel unequipped to handle at this stage of the game. But truly, I will look back at 2012 as a year to remember. In very fond ways.

Why you ask (well, by the looks of my sad comment board these days, no one is asking....hint hint).

1. I wasn't afraid to put myself first. After 12 years of birthing and nursing babies, it was time. Macy is a child who loves attention, and I do love to give it to her, but I've still found time to take care of me. As moms, we feel guilty being #1. And I definitely wasn't ALWAYS #1, but I allowed times to be that way.

2. I took a few chances. Decided that I couldn't let "busy" be my excuse for not trying something new. I will always be busy because that is just who I am. D.C., Nutcracker, New York (all things done on short notice) fit into this category.

3. Looking back at my post last year, I vowed to cure my back. Well, I fell short on that goal, but I did a few things to further the progress. It has been as good as it's been in years (except the last 2 weeks...I  blame Christmas). There will be more progress in 2013 on my back, and I will not be discouraged. I will keep searching.

4. I felt no guilt spending money on pedicures and a monthly massage. I work hard and enjoy the pampering. Plus, it's so nice to have a little light in my day when work and kids have worn me down. I love my studio, but it does wear me out (in a good way).

5. I truly took time to notice my kids. I've noticed nuances and cool things about each kid and really learned to appreciate them more. Maybe it's because I'm turning 40 in 10 months, but I'm a little "mid-life crisis-y" right now. I've really learned how short the time is that I have with them. They are wonderful. But, that being said, could they seriously go back to school?

6. I was careful with who I gave my time with socially. There are people that are just toxic. People that live to hurt you or belittle you because of your opinions or your trials. There are people that just suck you dry. I've tried to not become offended when someone makes comments about my son or my political beliefs. I'm safe in the knowledge that I'm a good person doing good things. I'm happy that I have gained that confidence with age.

I really am happy with my life. I'm a lucky gal and have the best husband, kids, and job ever. I'm trying really hard to not let the trials in my life define me. I'm in a good place.

2013....the Year of Everyone Else. Service. That is what I want to my kids to remember this year. I feel restored and ready to go. I'll write more on this later, but I truly think I had to take care of me first to be able to serve anyone else. You can't give anything if you don't have anything to give. (so, so deep)  =-)

Happy New Year. There's good stuff ahead!


Marrdy said...

You have inspired me to have a"Year of Marrdy"! I miss you!

Jennifer said...

Nice thoughts Liz, thanks for sharing!

youreprettytoo said...

I'm thinking we really need to come good on our "let's do lunch" talk and you can impart more wisdom upon me!:) I'm glad things are going well and I truly do want to hear more about your year ofl iz and the upcoming year of service!

Karen said...

Love it, Liz. Glad you had a refreshing year of you, and that you are ready to tackle 2013!

brooke said...

I love this. I feel like 2012 was the year of Brooke too so you make me feel better. You are better than me because 2013 is shaping up to be the year of Brooke part deux.

Rebekah said...

That is great Liz! I don't think being a mom, dance studio owner, and wife would ever truely give you a year for YOU but hey at least you had some fun!! Love you!