Saturday, January 12, 2013

2nd half of December pics

So....finishing off the month.

So, so fun.
My brother Mark's family came in town this year for Christmas. Best cousins reunited! On the Trolley at Thanksgiving Point.

We ( made these Santas for the kids friends instead of my rootbeer reindeer. The reindeer were more kid friendly than these. I burned my hands with the hot glue gun several times. 
Meet Dixie....our new boar head. The annual White Elephant Extravaganza did not disappoint. I can't even describe the smell of this thing. 

Newman family party at my house. Ca-razy!
Letters to Santa. On Christmas Eve. Santa works fast, especially when a new item shows up on the list.
I wish you could see her sweater better. I've had this Christmas sweater for, well, since they were cool. My mom got it before I was even married. I've crammed a girl into this about every year since, but I think this is the end. It won't fit her next year =-(
Those darned lights on my tree. It think it's the trees last year, too. 

Pepper Candy-lips left us some great goodbye photos on the iPad. As if he wasn't creepy enough.

Macy asked for a pink puppy. Love the simple, non-electronic requests.

Quinn was loving his new lava lamp.

This totally is the perfect pic of Emi right now....listening to One Direction while playing dolls. So Tween-like.

Thank you, KSL classifieds for finding this one!

Merry Christmas!

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brooke said...

I love seeing a glimpse into your life. What a score on KSL! That boar's head is disgusting!