Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scenes of December....(part 1)

Welcome to December....the craziest month of all in our house.
Always nice to be met by this cute lady.
 Emi and friend Kate as the Chinese dancers.

 Chillin' with my 1860's posse. Hoop skirts are now my new fashion statement. 

 Opening night. Macy loved when the Nutcracker broke, and then Superman (Drosselmeyer) put it back together. Anything with a cape is Superman.

 Downtown. The candy windows are back!

 It was a perfect snowy night downtown. So fun!

Our elf's name was "Pepper Candy-lips". He got around. Here he is smooching an angel.

 Macy performed in her first little dance program. She was adorable! She is in the black, red, and white.

 Quinn with his woman!

 Kindergartners put on a great show. The side shows are the best part.

 My Nutcracker children (cast b). We were the military couple. 

 It's so wonderful when snow shows up on a SATURDAY!

Pepper Candy-lips was a little artistic one night.

You have to be creative to have a December 18th anniversary. The only 15 minutes we had together was his lunch break where we took 2 kids to Harmons. We live big. We do always celebrate in January or February.

Anyways....that was the first part. I'll post more in a few days. 

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