Friday, November 30, 2012

1st Annual 10 Favorite Things

I'm sure you are already looking forward to the 2nd annual....

I'm not a crafty gal, but I do love to shop and know super places to find cute things. I'm not the good girl who always has a deal or a coupon, but I  love finding unique gifts to give. (Having said that, I just bought iTunes cards in bulk for our cousin exchange...not very creative).

#1- Strolling through Hip and Humble, I came across these. I bought myself one so that Bill and I won't mix up our contact cases. About $5.95.

#2 Yuuuummm! After I drop my kids off at school, I pass a Starbucks. When I'm feeling weak, I will stop for their super hot chocolate. Pricey, but good. So, strolled into Costco and saw this! Yum. It's mixed with milk and it tastes just like it!

#3- It tasted even better if you have one of these! A cheap Ikea frother. It's like $2.00 or something like that. My kids love it. 

#4- Also from Hip and Humble is this cute kids quote book. I have half-heartedly have kept a notebook with my kids funny quotes, but not too cute. This is way funner to write them down. Macy is so very quotable right now, so it's perfect. $14 or so. Great gift for moms and grandmas.

#5-Last year, I found this spray at Thistle here in Draper. It's yummy smelling on your counters. There are several scents, but I like pomegranate the best. They can't keep it in stock there, but I've ordered it online for the same price. $14.95 I believe, but a little goes a long way.

#6- Some little girl in our house is in love with piggies. This was on clearance at Pier One. I sure hope Santa sees this. 

#7- My stockings I got last year from Red Envelope. My only regret is that our initials don't spell some great Christmas word. 

#8-We've always had Han Solo on our tree (thanks Stacey), but we now have a talking Darth Vader. It's pretty funny. It must be if I allow it to grace my Santa tree.

#9-My awesome short boots. I love these because I feel like I really have to commit to an outfit to wear long boots. These, I can throw on with anything. I love them.

#10-Pirate-O's: I'm so lucky to have this place close. I love the great samples of appetizers, but mostly I really love the cute, unique candies. I'm pretty sure Santa shops here to get stocking stuff.

Anyways...happy shopping! What are your favorite things right now?

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brooke said...

My favorite things are Tarte make-up, Benefit Watt's up illuminator for face and counter top spray from Target. I used to buy that stuff from Thistles but I seriously love the Target caldrea stuff more and it is 5.99. Where did you get your darling boots and Star Wars ornaments? I love your stockings. I need to hit Pirate O's. I never go in there.