Friday, November 2, 2012

New York part 2

So Friday, we were glad to have traveling companions with us. Kathryn (my sis in law), Josh, Caroline, and Thomas came with us to Time square (Sorry Matthew and Sam! I bet school was great!)

Kathryn drove us in, and this theater was right by where we parked. Um, hello "Downton Abbey" fans! Kathryn and I were in heaven to see such a big picture of "Matthew". 

Off to the M &M store. This trip was totally dedicated to the kids as I did not step into one store of my own liking. The closest I got was the shoe ferris wheel in the Sax 5th Ave window. I had to set this in my head before I went so I wouldn't be sad.
 It was POURING! Soaking wet pouring. But it didn't dampen our spirits. Well, maybe just a little when a bus drove by and splashed Parker and Josh as they were headed to the Yankees store. 

Disney Store

Toys R Us. We rode the ferris wheel. Parker and I were in the ET car. Emi and Caroline were nice to ride in the fire engine for cute Thomas. 

 So, after a fun few hours in Time Square, we grabbed some subs and decided our plan of action (because of the rain). The girls opted to drive home with Kathryn and do crafts on a nice rainy afternoon. I took the boys to the Met. It cleared up quite well by then. I do like strolling around the east side. Lots of poodles and doormen. I really do love walking by Central Park as well. 

I like the Met. It was pretty nice to have a freshly educated 6th grade Parker with me to explain the whole Egyptian exhibit to me. That kid retains knowledge.
 The security guard told us to take this pic.
 It's interesting to go with boys. They were very definite about what they wanted to see. 
 We did the Andy Warhol exhibit, which was cool but different than I expected. But I couldn't leave without a Degas fix.

It's so nice to be in New York with locals. Josh directed us down to a wonderful shake place in the basement of Grand Central. Yum! I had a Black and White shake and we split huge steak fries. I believe it was called Juniors. I could be wrong.

 Love, love, love Grand Central. This is the view from the Apple store that now resides in about 1/4 of the mezzanine.  It's pretty sweet. The boys were in tech heaven while we waited for the train.
So, we got home that night, still a bit wet. It was nice to enjoy some down time with the Newman family.

Transportation: Newman minivans, commuter train, subways. Oh, and ferris wheel.


brooke said...

I ate at Junior's. It is good. Sadly, I can remember every food place I have ever been to but none of the musuems and "sites". Looks like a fun trip..I bet your kids were in Heaven. And you were a saint to not set foot in a store for you. That would have killed me.

brooke said...

I love Matthew from DA! When oh when do we get the new season??