Sunday, October 23, 2011

Girls trip....the sequel!

I am lucky enough to have an amazing group of college buddies. There's just something about living together that bonds you all for life. 6 of us hung in Monterey last year and had an amazing time. A few weeks ago, 5 of the 8 were able to come this year (darned life....get's in the way) and came to the mountains above Park City in a fun cabin with a STUNNING view.
Don't I deserve this? I have been on major mom duty this year and finally get a break, but of course, it couldn't be easy. Bill gets jury duty on the day I'm supposed to leave....and he gets called in......and gets selected.......and is in court all day.......and deliberates into the night when I am supposed to be up in the mountains with his car (and without his kids). They took his cell phone, so I had no idea of when he would get home. It's frustrating, but even MORE frustrating when you can't blame him. It's like a law or something.

Long story short.....he does get home, I nearly kill 3 deer looking for the cabin in the dark, get a little lost, and the guy was guilty.

But I made it! With girlfriends ready to talk, artichoke pizza waiting, and 7 kinds of fudge for dessert. So wonderful to talk with my darling friends and catch up on every detail. They are so fun, wise, and real. We talked all night, shopped Main Street, toured the Olympic museum, did some serious damage at the outlets, ate great mexican, and again talked all night. The next day, I got to be a tourist in my own town. I take a lot of the sites for granted, so it was fun to have a refresher on some of the downtown fun. Again (I'm losing is getting shorter), super conversation, great food/gelato, and no kids.
So there you go....brief post about a fabulous weekend. These ladies are the models of motherhood, wifehood, and friendhood. Thanks Stacey, Becky, Kelly, and Kari for everything. You gave me a great break. Amy, Kjirsten, and Lindsey.....see you all next time!


Ashley said...

I agree--college girlfriends are the simply the best--there is nothing like someone who knows you when you were dating . . . .

Glad you had a fabulous time, and glad Bill convicted!

pan x 8 said...

Love how when it's finally your turn to do something for yourself, life just finds a way to make it harder... glad you got to go finally (I hate jury duty! It's some kind of random law, but thus a law.) and enjoy your great friends!

kjirsten said...

Oh, how fun!! I am SO sad that I missed it . . . but I'll absolutely be there next year!!

You all look beautiful, and I'm so glad you got to "recharge your batteries" together. (makes me extra jealous right about now . . . those late night feedings are leaving my "batteries" very low.)

What I miss most though, is all the talking . . . that's always my favorite part! (guess I should have asked you guys to take notes!!)

Love you Liz!! :)

brooke said...

I am glad Bill convicted too but I would be lying if I didn't admit I am disappointed he couldn't find his way out of it! I told him the key words to use :-)

ANyhoo, I am glad you made it to your girls' trip and had a great time. Moms need time away...I'm so glad you got a break!

youreprettytoo said...

It really was so fun and great to reconnect. You know Becky, you and I all live within 15 minutes of each other so we could really have mini-girls retreats-aka-lunch- whenever we want! I'll send the pictures I took to you soon! Thanks for spearheading such a fabulous weekend!