Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yet another Park City weekend

Well, I had so much fun the first weekend in Park City, why not take family and grandparents there the very next week? I actually had planned this awhile ago for UEA, and had a wonderful "fall-a-licious" 3 days with my family.

1st stop...the Olympic museum. It's weird to think that I only had one kid when we had the Olympics. It really seems like yesterday. We met up with our dear friends, the Hoppers (minus David) and toured around. Quinn like the old luge.

I really want to ride in one. It was hard to jump into this. I have new respect for the bobsled team. I also seriously want to try the ariel ski track into the pool. They have camps. It's on my bucket list.
I love the condo we stayed at. Right on a golf course and access to grass. We stayed in these a lot as a kid and I always loved it.

I could have put tons of the leaf pics. So fallish. I love it.
Monika invited us up to the perfect pool for my kids. A gigantic hot tub. Perfect.
Bringing grandparents is always a smart idea. They do projects!
Macy has such a special place in her heart for Grandpa. He nearly passed away when I was pregnant with her, and I'm convinced that he decided to stick around for his last granddaughter.
Emi took this pic at the Glenwood Cemetery. She submitted it for a school contest...what do you think? All by herself.

How cute are they? My mom is almost mended from her knee surgery/femur break. What a year she has had.
I hadn't pulled the plastic off my new iPhone for this pic. We biked along the scarecrow path, which was great. Emi biked 4 miles! Go girl.
We also hit Main Street, restaurants, and watched many movies. Park City is so beautiful in the fall. Spending time together was super. We are so crazy busy that it is nice to get away from our house, even if it is just for 3 days.


brooke said...

Your parents are sooo cute and I loved seeing your mom the other day for a few minutes.

Your trip looked like so much fun. I should take my kids to Park City next fall..so much to do!

That big hot tub is heaven for kids!

I am so impressed with you wanting to do the ariel ski track...I would never want to do that!

Bill said...

That pic of Emi's should have won the school photo contest - she was robbed!