Monday, October 17, 2011

Parker...11 years of fun!


Parker turned 11 on Friday. Blowing my mind a little bit. I really stop and look at him sometimes and freak out with how old he looks. 5 days before his birthday, he reminded me that it is 5 years and 5 days until he can drive. Truly, my biggest fear as a mom. That is painfully close.

What I'm loving about Parker right now:

1- The strangeness: I walked into his room a few weeks ago, and he had duct taped himself to a chair. We just kind of stared at each other, and I walked right back out of the room. His antics are somewhat tiring to me, yet always unique. I have to give him that. He escaped, which is what he was trying to prove to himself.

2- His artistic ability: The boy can play a piano. It's beautiful. Most of the credit goes to his amazing teacher, Monika, but he really has a gift. He is loving art class as well right now and always comes home with something that blows my mind. And ACTING (must be said in Jon Lovitz voice). He takes his memorized poems for school to a new level.
3- The honesty: His original idea for a Halloween costume was to be a Wii remote. I actually said that I could make him one. His response? "Seriously, couldn't even cut out a moon for your recital". True. I had to call for help on that. He puts me in my place. There is a famous story in our ward from a year ago. They had a primary activity where they were learning first aid. I guess it went a little long and he let out a huge "boring". I have very understanding neighbors.

4- Quest for knowledge: One of his favorite things to do is look up famous (and not-so-famous) places on the map quest on his iTouch. He then explores the neighborhoods and how to get there. He remembers everything he reads. Parker is a factoid king. It's all very interesting.

5- Sweet: If I'm upset, crying, or sad, he is the first to come say it will be alright. This is a VERY learned thing for Parker. It's not a natural response for one with asperger's. So #1-I feel better that he has learned to do it and #2- I feel confident that I may have been the one to teach him this.

6- And cute as can be. Seriously. He's a good looking kid. Feel free to agree with me.


Bill took Parker and 2 friends to Lagoon Frightmares on his birthday to celebrate. May I just say easiest party ever? And actually quite cost effective. They had a ball. So 4 birthdays down, 2 to go. Yes, I had a birthday in there. Not a big fan of Steve Jobs dying on my day, but I'm sure he wasn't thrilled with it either. It's a good thing my new iPhone 4S will come soon and then I'll forgive him.

Love you Parker!


Monika said...

Oh how I love Parker! I can't take the credit for his piano skills. The things I ask him to do he does consistently after I only ask once -- he just gets it.

One of my favorite stories is when he asked Bill about repentance because he gave the UofU mascot, Swoop, a High 5.

Emily K. said...

I can't believe he's 11 already. I swear it was just yesterday he was still a sunbeam!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Yes, Parker is very handsome. Yes, I am positive you taught him to should be proud of that. I love his honesty. And I am jealous of his talents. I cant believe he is 11! He was like 7 months old at our wedding!

brooke said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! Steve Jobs had a lot of nerve dying on your day.

Parker is a very handsome kid..always has been. I love the "boring" story because it is just hilarious and awesome.

I love his creativity and talents. He is an amazing kid. Congrats and glad his day was great!

Ashley said...

I loved this post. Parker is totally handsome and I love that he comes to comfort you when you are upset. That is so sweet! I had that exact same BORING thing happen to me while I was teaching Sharing Time once. I took it in stride because I knew I was boring them. Happy Birthday to both of you! I think Steve Jobs got the worse end of the deal, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get an extra Saturday to yourself.

Rebekah said...

Parker is GREAT and I have loved having him in Webelos. He is always so good and so smart! And you are right he is artistic and has great handwriting too! ;)