Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things I could blog about today.....

1. How to totally ignore a grumpy baby.
2. How to TRY to ignore a grumpy 3 year old.
3. Church....with 4 kids.....three hours of what "spirit prison" must be like.
4. Why bishopric members get fat.
5. My journey with a certain black widow.
6. Treasures I have found while cleaning my storage room.
7. Sunday dinner last week=gourmet cooking from grandma.
8. Sunday dinner this week= leftovers from mommy.
9. Does Quinn have a mute button? There is a big horse on the Ghost Falls trail that discovered he didn't.
10. My darling 7 year old/demon. What happened to my angel?
11. 2 weeks until I take class from tWitch, Lauren, and Comfort (woo hoo!)
12. Exercise is overrated. That's why we have Spanks.
13. How to make a killer "Mormon Mojito"
14. Unemployed husband=messier house.
15. Partying it up with my neighbors.
16. I do not consider Costco a getaway.
17. I really do love my children, though I have no reason to.
18. The list of stuff I will buy when Bill is back in a job.
19. BYU choked.
20. Social Kiva...what is it and when will it pay the bills.
21. I love me some Green Tea.
22. New ways to wipe my babies yucky nose.
23. Role reversal: Emi vs. Parker, Liz vs. Bill
24. My ghetto mailbox drama.
25. September 11 still makes me crazy sad. Almost like it happened yesterday.
26. Mourning the baby clothes.
27. How to turn your kitchen floor into an ice rink using vegetable oil....twice.
28. Where's the teeth?
29. Macy, the grass princess
30. Parker is the prime example of the pot calling the kettle black.
31. Bill does an amazing Dr. Doofenschmirz impression. You really must see it.
32. Why Liz is walking sideways today.
33. I envy my cat.

I guess that's it. Should I expand on any of these, or just let them be?


pan x 8 said...

All good blog posts!! No seriously... that's why I try to do them daily so I can get some of the interesting stuff!

YOU HAVE to blog about dancing with Twitch! How awesome!!

brooke said...

I want to hear about each one of these especially the ghetto mailbox drama and the vegetable oil ice rink. Who is Dr. Doofenschmirz? I can totally relate to spirit prison as I did it alone today as well. BTW, I got to church and realized I wasn't wearing make-up. Awesome. I guess I'm shameless because I didn't come home.

youreprettytoo said...
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youreprettytoo said...

Okay so I deleted my last comment because it didn't make any sense so I will try again. I would love to hear any of those ideas expounded upon. I too could write a book about #3 because my husband use to be in the bishopric and has since decided that church is optional, whereas I have not. Also I think not only did someone spill vegetable oil on your floor they also spilled it on the hands of the BYU receivers. Let's hope they don't do it twice!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so jealous. I have such a crush on Twitch. Cant wait to hear about that. -Anne

Karen said...

LOVE this. Yes, please choose any/all of these topics and expound!

Stacey said...

I vote for a post on the ghetto mailbox drama... And I also want to see a video of Bill's Doof impression. PLEASE!!!

Marrdy said...

Oh my gosh!! Too funny. So many great choices.....maybe you should write a book!

BJorg said...

LOL...You had me at 'spanks'!