Sunday, September 5, 2010

August 2010

Well, here is the last of my summer re-cap. I'm just a teeny bit impressed with all we did, but I'll try to not to get a big head about it.

More swim classes...after crying for mom the first day, he sucked it up and became a GREAT little swimmer.
Not even sure how to describe this one....I run a dance studio. Props and costumes are everywhere.
Macy is the world's cutest sleeper. She loves her piggy.
We were lucky enough to go to the opening night of "Lion King". So amazing. I saw it in NY before I was married, and it was so fun to take Parker and Emi to it.
Quinn started pre-school. I have a cuter shot than this, but it showed too many name tags with first and last names. Darned stalkers ruin it for everyone!
The ward campout. This is the bishopric performing "My Little Buttercup". There is oodles of talent seeping through these men.
Emi went to a wedding party. WOOOOW is all I can say. She's got great friends.
We ate lots and lots of fresh corn. Sucks with braces, but I'm making it work. Yummmmm.
Cowabunga Bay. Went on the world's most crowded day, but still great.
Grandma came to observe......

Macy is everywhere, into everything, and all-around crazy!
My friend's dad set this up at the library for a day. Parker was in Heaven!
And then school had to start and ruin it all.
Cubs started up again, with Parker getting his Bear. Here I am getting pinned. All I can say is ouch! we are in September. I'm ready for it. Bring it on school, work, lessons, homework, and schedules. I can take it!


pan x 8 said...

It was definitely a great summer for you and your cuties! I love how all of us Moms were not ready for school to start! That's because we were having so much fun too!!!

Ashley said...

I was going to say that is an impressive summer and then I remembered it was just August. We spent August watching tv. How fun that you got to go see Lion King. The kids will remember that forever. Do you have any video footage of My Little Buttercup? I think it could go viral.

brooke said...

I love the pic of Emi and Parker at Lion King--they are cute together.

Macy is the cutest sleeper.

Your friends throw amazing parties. The ladybug one and now this? I'm so glad Sammie doesn't know this is how the other half live...

Your Bishopric puts all others to shame.

Peggy Newman said...

You HAVE had a great summer. Glad we could be part of some of it! Love Quinn in the swim goggles.

Bill said...

And you didn't think you'd have any fun in August (see Oh....August post). It's like your Cameron from Ferris Bueler's Day Off at the end of the day and your mood has totally changed. Plus no trashed Ferrari to explain!

PS - love the blogger word verification - this time mine is "grike". - gotta start keeping a list of my favs.

Cindy said...

LOVE IT!!! I may have to copy it just to get me back into the blogging mode:)....looks like a great summer!!!