Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can you believe she's 1?

Well...I can't. She is the sweetest creature on the planet and I can't get enough of her.

10 things I love about Macy right now:

1. She burrows her fuzzy little head into your chest when you hold her....so great.
2. She says "mamama" when she babbles. I'm taking it as her first word.

3. Macy has great rhythm. She totally bounces to the beat with any music. She'll hang with me in the studio while I'm making up dances, and the girl can groove.

4. She loves her pig. She sleeps with it all the time.

5. Best legs ever....I've never really had the chubby baby thing. I squish her legs all day.

6. Super eater...as you can tell from the cake pictures, she is adventurous. My mom says that means she will be creative!
7. The blue eyes.
8. Her ability to destroy a room in 30 seconds flat. She can pull stuff out quicker than you can get it back in. She found the box of 96 crayons yesterday...wow!

9. She tolerates the annoying 3 older siblings that constantly smother her. In all fairness, they tolerate her piano duets she does with them while they are practicing.

10. She love anything that will make her bounce...couches, cars, music.

Ummm...she's the best. I love her dearly. Happy (belated) Birthday, baby girl!


Emily K. said...

Wow, has it really been a year? She is SO beautiful, love those blue eyes!

Bill said...

I love me some Macy! Amen to that list of 10.
Some more from Daddy:
11. Fish -Loves the water!
12. Dandelion head - that fine blond wispy hair that stands on end.
13. Happy Camper - Hardly ever fusses.
14. Road Warrior - Salt Lake to San Diego in two stops!
15. Double Napper - Still taking 2 naps/day...too bad she doesn't last all night.

Happy BDay MJ!

pan x 8 said...

No, I can't believe she's 1! I love that everytime I see her she has a smile for me!!

Happy Birthday Macy!

Ashley said...

She was the world's prettiest baby and now she's the cutest tiny girl! I love that tutu-onesie and leg-warmers she's wearing. I know you're sad to not have babies anymore but if you have to end you might as well end with one like that!

Stacey said...

So you love that she can destroy a room in 30 second flat? You are a better mom that I am... But with a face that cute, it must be easy to forgive!

brooke said...

She is a doll! I can't believe she is one. It seems like I was just sitting on your couch holding her. I've always thought she was a skinny baby (you need to see Buster's thighs!) Happy Birthday darling Macy!