Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gripes for a Wednesday

1. There should be a special class to teach drivers how to go around a round-a-bout. I drive through one several times a day and I get so frustrated with people who can't figure it out.

2. Having to undo the entire car seat if your baby throws up in it. Takes forever!

3. Telemarketers asking for donations

4. All the little aspen trees that pop up everywhere in my flower beds.

5. Macy's runny teeth yet. I'd love for her to have something to show for all her pain.

6. Babies who used to sleep through the night....that now don't.

7. 3 year old temper tantrums

8. 7 year old temper tantrums

9. Back-handed compliments....("oh Liz, your looking good. Last time I saw you, you still had your baby tummy"....I saw her a month ago)

10. Tomatoes that won't turn red.

11. 4th grade boys who don't write their school assignments down.

12. Tivo on the blitz

13. Arthritic hips

14. The little green "done" light on my dishwasher. It means I have to unload.

15. My washing machine that needs CPR to keep it going. I'm not kidding...I take 2 hands and press down on the lids to move it to the rinse cycle. I have stuck a 20 lb weight on the lid, and sometimes that helps.

Thanks...I'm done venting now!


Monika said...

Bummer day. Sounds like a real winner. Hopefully tomorrow will be better with just one kido home all morning.

Ashley said...

This list makes me happy (I know it shouldn't) just because I can relate too well to too many of them! Be happy your baby tummy is gone. . . I just got asked when I'm due and Bennett is six weeks. Sweet.

brooke said...

What's the deal with arthritic hips? I have them too. I think we have Grandma Jowers to thank.

This list was funny. I'm so with you on round-abouts. Especially the one by the post office. DRIVES.ME.CRAZY.

youreprettytoo said...

Another great list. Although I do have to say that the thing that takes even longer than taking off the car seat to wash it is putting it back on!

Angela said...

What is it with those tantrums? And what to do about kids sleeping through the night, mine is 2 years old, I keep waiting for it to get better. And don't even get Josh or I started on round-abouts. Some people can't even handle the 4-way stop!